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Waters broke

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goldenT · 10/06/2020 09:47

I'm 38+5 woke early this morning to be living I needed a wee which turned out to be my waters breaking I went to the triage to get it checked and confirmed my waters have broken but I'm not yet getting contractions, while I was being monitored the midwife said I was having tummy tightening, my blood pressure has gone down so been allowed to go home, I've been told as soon as I get contractions I'm to come in as last labour was 2 hours, but if not I'm due back at the hospital 4am to be induced I'm just a little nervous about being induced as people say it's more painful has anyone else had a situation like this

OP posts:
Mountains91 · 10/06/2020 17:55

I’ve not had a situation like that.
However I was induced with the oxytocin drip after having my waters broken.
The first 6 hours after having my waters broken, I didn’t have the drip up. Labour was okay, a bit sore but not much.
Oxytocin drip then started and I had all the diamorphine and gas & air I could get.
Saying that, I would still rather be induced than have a section and I would do it all the same way again.

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