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FTM. Is it possible to get Baxton Hicks at 24 weeks? (TMI)

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DJBebe · 09/06/2020 19:27

Hi all. Due to my work i am pinned all day to my laptop (barely move during the day) and after work i tend to go for a 30 min walking session (just normal pace).
Sorry TMI - today on my way back from the park i felt an urgent need to pass gass but i thought it is just the normal bloating/gas i get. Anyway the urge to fart intensified and i started to get intense stomach cramps to the point in thought i will have a diarrhoea. The cramps lasted @15 seconds each and I had to stop walking until it passed completely. The cramps got more intense and frequent to the point i thought that i won't make it home to the toilet.
After stopping a few more times i finally managed to get to the toilet at home and i emptied my bowels (sorry TMI). My cramps stopped now.
I am so embarrassed , my DH was with me as well and he got so scared as I was literally sweating because of the pain.

On NHS website it says that BH are a sign of labour but i am only 24 weeks??? 😨
So scared, any advice would be highly appreciated.

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ShowOfHands · 09/06/2020 19:30

BH are tight and a bit uncomfortable but they don't hurt and they certainly don't make you sweat with pain.

Sounds like you might have eaten something which didn't agree with you.

Have you drunk enough today? Feeling okay now?

LusciousV · 09/06/2020 19:33

I agree with PP, definitely doesn't sound like BH, more like you've eaten something that's upset your stomach. Hopefully now you've expelled whatever it was you're feeling much better x

DJBebe · 09/06/2020 19:36

Thank you @ShowOfHands.
The cramps stopped completely once i went to the loo.

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DJBebe · 09/06/2020 19:37

Thank you both. x

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sel2223 · 09/06/2020 19:39

Hi OP, yeah, it just sounds like a stomach bug/diarrhoea I'm afraid. Glad it's passed now

BH are more like tightenings than cramp and shouldn't be painful.

UrsulaSings · 09/06/2020 19:43

Sounds like IBS symptoms. I started getting this recently and its horrific it's so painful you cant move!

HauntedGoatFart · 09/06/2020 19:44

Those aren't BH, which are painless and not associated with your bowel. You had a stomach upset of some sort.

IAmReportingYouForBBQing · 09/06/2020 19:45

Once I got the 24 week mark I got Brixton Hicks every time I walked more than 10m. They could be quite intense and after 28 weeks I had to stop and kind of hunch over and wait until they passed.

But it does sound like yours may be more stomach bug related. Just take it easy and see how you go. You have less and less space in your body as you go on and it could be that the walk just triggered your vowels and they wanted to empty as soon as possible. Pregnancy is not a glamour fest unfortunately 😂

mrs87 · 09/06/2020 19:48

Doesn't sound like braxton hicks but I had this at around 22 weeks and ended up at maternity triage because they were so intense! Came on during a dog walk and I had to run home thinking I needed the toilet. It went on all day, still never figured out what they were but baby was fine, they think it was something gastro related.

Tallace · 09/06/2020 19:49

I had braxton hicks from 24 weeks to birth at 39 weeks but they don't sound like bh. BH aren't related to tge bowels and though they are a bit uncomfortable the aren't very painful.

pinktaxi · 09/06/2020 19:58

It was just a bit of a bowel issue, not BH. Pregnancy hormones relax smooth muscle so bowels can get a bit bloated, loose and other not nice things, like reflux. Oh the joys

Nelbert19 · 09/06/2020 20:01

I agree with PP this sounds more bowel related.

I’ve always had a stomach of steel, but between 22-28 weeks I had several episodes just like you describe. Always when out on a walk, then resolved after bowels opened. Finally figured out I can’t eat spicy food anymore and I’ve not had it again since!

I’m 33 weeks now and baby is perfectly fine

DJBebe · 09/06/2020 20:25

Thank you so much ladies. I feel so much better after reading your messages.

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