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Suspected polyhydramnios

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NLW91 · 09/06/2020 14:28

Hi everyone. I’m expecting my first baby and just gone for my routine 31 week midwife appointment. She measured me and said I was measuring nearly 33 weeks and has referred me for a growth scan to check for polyhydramnios. She managed to feel baby’s head and back which she said with increased fluid would be difficult so she isn’t overly concerned but naturally I am a complete worrier. What I find odd is that I went in for a movement check the Friday just gone as I was panicking I hadn’t felt baby a lot and they measured me and I was spot on 30 weeks. So I’m confused as to how in 4 days I could of ballooned so much when I haven’t even felt any bigger or any huge changes in my size. I know the midwife is a professional but can’t help feeling like she may have not measured me accurately. This has been a smooth pregnancy so far so to hear this has made me panic. What I’m looking for I guess is some reassurance from you ladies! Thanks xx

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Em39ma · 09/06/2020 17:12

Everyone measures differently. It is known for being rather inaccurate.
I had polyhydraminus, but so did mu mum and nan. We think it just runs in our family. Sometimes it can be a sign of GD, but my tests kept coming back negative. Please don’t worry, they just put me on 4 weekly growth scans. I had my DD at 38 weeks by C section but that was because I was so big I could hardly move. C section was nothing to do with the poly, but the fact my cervix faces backwards, so there was know way she could come out that way.

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