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Feeding baby

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Goldenmother · 06/06/2020 20:24

Hi All
I'm currently 38 weeks and just wanted to ask what you would recommend, I'm planning to formula feed my baby (not here for breast is best comments) would you feed baby on demand or keep to waking and feeding every 2-3 hours when new born ?

OP posts:
arianwe · 06/06/2020 20:26

We used Aptamil with first Daughter. Personally, I never woke her to feed her but I think she would always wake for her feeds every 2-3 hours on her own. When she started to sleep longer at nights, I just left her to it. Baby would soon wake up if hungry x

happymummy12345 · 06/06/2020 20:29

Personally I'd never wake a sleeping baby. Our son was exclusively formula fed every 3-4 hours, when he woke up.

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea · 06/06/2020 20:35

Advice is to feed responsively so when baby shows feed cues but also when baby needs it.

So if baby showing cues feed. But equally if your 2 day old baby has slept for 4 hours and not woken to feed then wake them and offer.

Look up paced bottle feeding and horizontal feeding. These techniques will allow baby to lead the way. The temptation with bottles is to tip the bottle quite upright but with that the milk drips from the teat and baby will keep on swallowing even if full so may take more than needed. If you keep the bottle almost horizontal with milk just filling the end of the teat then baby needs to work to get the milk and will suck and pause and take breaks and therefore stop when full.

Do give that first feed skin to skin, it isn't just for breastfeeding!

Clemmie83 · 06/06/2020 21:44

Also interested in this - following!

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