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Worried about not gaining/losing weight

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Pumpkin108 · 06/06/2020 09:26

Hi everyone,

I’m currently 17+1 and concerned because I have no noticeable bump and am not gaining weight (I have lost about 3kg since I’ve been pregnant). It’s something I have mixed feelings over as I don’t particularly want to gain weight but at the same time worried that I’m not...

Before I got pregnant my bmi was 24.5 so I wasn’t really skinny but I’m just thinking why am I not gaining anything? I suppose bizarrely since lockdown I’ve actually done more walking and eaten more healthily but still... Has anyone else had this and when will I actually ‘look pregnant’?

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Superscientist · 06/06/2020 10:17

I didn't have a noticeable bump at 17 weeks. One thing I have definitely learned over this pregnancy is that weight and bump size don't correlate.

My have an eating disorder past so need to weigh myself to keep the thoughts at bay and prove that eating isn't harmful. I have found that my weight can stay the same for weeks but my bump still grow

HeadintheClouds20 · 06/06/2020 10:47

My BMI was the same as yours pre-pregnancy and I had only gained 6 or 7lbs by the end of the second trimester (and that included christmas). I have found my weight has rapidly increased in the third trimester so now I'm on target to gain the recommended weight (or just slightly less). My bump has been measuring small at my midwife appointments but I have regular growth scans for another reason and my baby is measuring exactly average every time. I'm 35+3 so a few more weeks to go. Hope this helps

2020Aug · 06/06/2020 12:36

I didnt put on any weight until about 22 weeks (bmi was about 23 at booking) and was getting really worried, but I've definitely gained it more rapidly now. I've now gained about 6kg at 30+3.

RestorationInsanity · 06/06/2020 12:41

I'm 14 weeks, lost 1.5 kilos in the first trimester and am still the same now. My boobs are bigger, and my ribcage and waist are wider/thicker, but no weight gain! I'm working on the basis that if I know I am eating a reasonable quantity of healthy food (and treats!) the baby will take what it needs. If you don't feel starving and aren't skipping meals etc, I wouldn't worry.

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