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FTM - 23 weeks and feeling the baby low in my pelvis

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DJBebe · 06/06/2020 07:48

I am 23+3 and yesterday i have felt the baby moving and kicking very low in my pelvic area, is this normal or does it mean that it is possible to have a premature baby? 😥 I have an anterior placenta and until now all of the movements were just below my belly button and to the sides of my tummy.
Anyone experienced the same movements so early in pregnancy and gave birth at full term?

OP posts:
CountryGirl36 · 06/06/2020 08:15

I’m 30 weeks and baby is mainly low with me and always to the right. I have endo all thro the left so she always tends to favour the right! She is very active tho and after 22/23 weeks started moving more and more thro my belly!

Littlelot · 06/06/2020 08:17

I think it’s normal for anterior placenta. My midwife said after my scan that I was likely to feel the movements much lower down than my previous pregnancy. But as always if you’re worried call a midwife to check. X

Phoebeboo · 06/06/2020 08:32

I’m 23 weeks today with an anterior placenta. My baby is feels like she is kicking downwards most of the time. It’s quite an odd feeling but I think it’s completely normal.
You could call the midwife to put your mind at rest.

Sarahlouise86 · 06/06/2020 08:42

I'm 30 weeks and a FTM. When my kicks started around 21 weeks they were always very low down and I felt a lot of pressure. I've had extra growth few scans and sonographer has always just said he's tucked in and cosy down there and it's not an issue. He did move up about 25 weeks but has since dropped back down again so I guess he's happy there, strange when I can feel him hiccuping. I tend to feel him kicking less when he's down there which was a worry at first but I just had to concentrate a bit more to feel them.

2020Aug · 06/06/2020 08:49

My movement were very low around the same time, I also have an anterior placenta. I feel a lot of pressure sometimes, particularly on my bladder. I'm just over 30 weeks and get movement all over my stomach now, baby is head down and enjoys kicking the ribs! But I do still get a lot low down, particularly on the left side.

DressingGown87 · 06/06/2020 08:54

I’m 20 weeks and my little girl is tucked really low in the left corner, has been at all my scans. I have a posterior placenta. All my flutters and movements are really low, and it’s so much pressure on my (already weak) bladder. Hoping she moves up!

sel2223 · 06/06/2020 10:01

I'm 30 weeks with an anterior placenta and 90% of my kicks are low down on the left.... like, very low down, practically in my groin area!

UrsulaSings · 06/06/2020 11:39

Also an anterior placenta. 27 weeks. Feel movements mostly v low down, like you said. As others have said as well, sometimes this puts huge pressure on my bladder and I feel I need to wee at least every half hour. Other times I feel movements at the sides, and these movements tend to feel stronger than the low down ones and my partner can feel them, whereas I dont think he'd be able to feel the v low down ones.

Marlia · 21/03/2021 23:12

Hi dear im feeling same as u feeling but im 21+4days pregnant and my placenta is also low im so scared because of it i feel to much pressure in my pelvis and baby movements in pelvic area i also want to know any helpful reply

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