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If you go into labour whilst social distancing is in place.

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Jj2431 · 05/06/2020 23:33


I'm in the 3rd trimester and was wondering what everyone is going to do with their other children if they go into labour and the social distancing guidelines are still in place? Are you having other look after them still? Are you going to give birth with another birth partner or alone? I have a couple months left but not very hopeful about there being much change in the rules. I have two kids but my parents and in laws are still working. Don't know what I'd do.

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MRSSGS · 06/06/2020 09:34

My best friend gave birth this week and she has a 2 1/2 yr old. Her parents took her daughter while she was in hospital (she was induced in the end)
As far as I'm aware your parents or someone you trust can take care of your children in circumstances like that.

My mum is a childminder and she's been able to work this whole time.

As long as you've been social distancing and whoever is looking after your children aren't classes as vulnerable then you'll be fine.
So many opinions flying around at the moment it's hard to know what to do for the best but used your gut instinct and things could be totally different when you're due xxx

sel2223 · 06/06/2020 09:45

There is an exception to the social distancing guidelines which relates to caring for vulnerable people (which children are).
If you are happy to do so, then there is no reason why you can't get a relative to help you out.

Jj2431 · 06/06/2020 10:13

Thank you

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