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Coronavirus and pregnancy

35 replies

Laur89 · 05/06/2020 15:19

Hey all,

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and also have a 22 mo. My dh and I are currently on furlough and probably will be for a while longer.

It feels like people (or maybe just the media?) seem to be moving on from the concerns of the virus. Like everyone has been about their families - I am naturally protective of my unborn baby and my 22mo, we disinfect everything that comes into the house, we do click and collect as much as possible and we have only seen family twice and that was out in the parks at quiet times.

The government seem to be focused on getting the economy back on track and that is great for many reasons but i can't help but feel lost and confused about what to do in terms of keeping safe. After all, the virus hasn't gone and won't for some time.

Everyone has seen the photos of people on the beaches, people protesting in huge groups and people who have gone back to work and seem to be getting to a new normal.

My question is - is it time to start to relax a little? Even whilst pregnant?
What's everyone else's views on life now?
It would be nice to hear how everyone is getting on and your views!

OP posts:
QforCucumber · 05/06/2020 15:24

I'm 39 weeks and have a 4 year old, we haven't disinfected shopping or gone to those kind of extremes. Ds hasnt been into any shops since early march but I have been, just going only if no queues and keeping on top of hygiene etc.

I'm accepting this new kind of normal, being vigilant but not paranoid.

SqidgeBum · 05/06/2020 15:31

I am 18 weeks too, and I have a 19 month old. Up to last week I was being told to go back to work (I am a teacher). DH was doing the food shop but I have decided to take that back over. We are seeing his parents once a week (mine live abroad). I am seeing friends in the park. I am back to getting take away coffee from cafes we if go on a walk. I was very nervous at the start, but with a sister who works in a&e I know this virus isnt going anywhere soon and we have to sort of adjust to a new normality where were are vigilant, but still have a life. It's tough and can be scary, but I have tried to think of it in logical way, and have even compared the risks to those of every day life (car accidents, cancer, being robbed) to try to ease my mind in a twisted sort of way.

RingaRosie · 05/06/2020 15:35

I’m 36 weeks & have stayed out of the shops / not working since Lockdown. Will continue with same until birth, just going to my appointments. Have seen more of family (in the garden) & DH is working, but keeping my circle small. DH will be there for the delivery only.

sel2223 · 05/06/2020 15:40

This is our new normal so we all have to find a way to live with it as I don't think it's going to disappear completely for a very long time unfortunately.
I've adapted my way of life in terms of staying away from crowds, washing hands more, trying not to touch my face etc but slowly, I am starting to see friends and family again (observing social distancing guidelines). I go into shops if I need to, I go for a walk and get a cuppa along the way, I go to appointments etc.
I'm 30 weeks now and am being careful but I'm happy to be able to get fresh air and see my loved ones again.

1990shopefulftm · 05/06/2020 16:35

I'm 19 weeks and I think it's an individual choice for everyone what their comfortable doing.
I have asthma which is well-controlled but if I get an infection it normally ends up with me on steroids so i'm not that confident in my immune systems ability to deal with COVID.

Fortunately, i'm lucky and able to work from home so i'm just going for a walk every couple of days, sometimes longer gaps if I have an appointment coming up to be sure I won't have to postpone it and DH does all the food shopping and most of the rest we're going to keep buying online.

Our family and friends aren't nearby anyway and i've accepted that travelling might not feel safe for a while so it could be months before I see them. My family has had a fair bit of bad luck health wise and there have been no treatment options for a few of them so i think that does affect my feelings towards taking any risks a bit.

Kodiak83 · 05/06/2020 16:47

I’m just 15 weeks but have been avoiding the shops and getting Asda deliveries and online shopping instead. There are no coffee shops etc near me so not missing that anyway. washing:wiping all shopping and deliveries that comes into house. We’ve seen more family and friends on socially distanced visits this last week since lockdown was eased up in Scotland but always at a distance. I’ll probably keep this up for the remainder of pregnancy but I have enjoyed being able to have a bit more social contact this last week. It’s all about what you are comfortable with. I have an auto immune disease and a slightly higher bmi so just don’t fancy I’d get a mild case if I do get it.

BeMorePacific · 05/06/2020 16:52

I’m 18 weeks too. I haven’t been going into shops or anything, but to be honest I’m probably happy to start easing up. Reality is that this will be a new normal for a while. So my plan is to wear a mask, carry hand sanitiser, wash hands regularly etc.
I want to see more people, as I’m missing a lot of people. I’m not worried about transmission Of CV through the placenta as that hasn’t been evident in any cases. I have a 3 year old, and plan on having him back in nursery in August. I’m in Scotland though, and feel happy that the advice for Scotland is prioritising saving lives over saving the economy x

Yorkshirepudding1987 · 05/06/2020 16:53

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and we have a 3 year old. I go shopping, we havent disinfected any items of shopping or anything like that. We just wash our hands, try to observe social distancing when out. Our 3 year old has been to nursery and grandparents for childcare as normal (key worjers, this is allowed per as they are under 60, just, and have no underlying health conditions)
Personally I need to get on with life in this new normal, it isn't going anywhere and I'm not staying in forever. I dont have any underlying health conditions, pregnant women aren't advised to shield and the infections in our area are low so I feel fine going out and about, but obviously this is dependent on each individual.

Yorkshirepudding1987 · 05/06/2020 16:56

Should have added to above that grandparents are also retired so they arent going out to work or seeing loads of other people so im happy for them to have our son.

Lavenderpurple · 05/06/2020 17:08

I’m 15 weeks and have been in shops as normal. Obviously washing hands, socially distancing etc.

I’ve got to go back to work in a few weeks to a job where I can’t socially distance.

I can’t live my life locked up, it really affects my mental health.

Billyjoearmstrong · 05/06/2020 19:26

27 weeks and I’ve only left the house for hospital appointments. Two Midwives died at my hospital last month so I’m paranoid to hell.

Dh and the children haven’t set foot outside the front door since mid March. We only go in the garden. Not seen any family.

We won’t be for a long while after the baby is born.

I’m high risk anyway and not willing to take anymore.

Billyjoearmstrong · 05/06/2020 19:27

We’ve been able to get two shopping deliveries a month as usual (there has never been a shortage of slots where we are) so haven’t needed to shop.

UnderTheBus · 05/06/2020 19:30

You have to do your own risk assessments really. If you dont want to relax yet, then don't.

Pregnancy is a tricky one because the virus hasnt been around long enough to know the effects on a developing fetus. I would probably err on the side of caution personally, and continue with getting food deliveries and limiting contacts.

UrsulaSings · 05/06/2020 20:44

We have been the same as you OP, and are planning on continuing that way until after our baby is here. It doesnt really bother me and I'd be happier taking the least amount of risks. I am 26 weeks and due beginning of Sept.

11Eleven11 · 05/06/2020 21:43

I'm 19 weeks and due to go back to work next week which I am concerned about. I work in retail and the store reopens on the 15th. Anyone else pregnant and working in a public facing role?

kedooo · 06/06/2020 01:15

My workplace is now reopening and I'm coming into my third trimester and I'm being asked to go back from Mon. I work with the public and have to get a train to work. Very worried but my employer said they're only keeping people in the v.vulnerable/shielded category off not those in the vulnerable category :(

LittleBoyJuly2020 · 06/06/2020 06:30

I'm 33 weeks, have been staying home since the lockdown. Online food shops etc.
My midwife said to self isolate as much as possible before birth and then shield baby for at least 4 weeks after birth.
We'll have family in the garden after baby is home but at a distance.

I had an update from the RCOG yesterday, five women in their third trimester have died. The risk after 28 weeks seems to remain.

MsChatterbox · 06/06/2020 06:57

@kedooo I know it doesn't financially make sense but have you considered started maternity leave now?

Sipperskipper · 06/06/2020 07:53

I’m 28 weeks, and have a just turned 3yo. I only work very part time, but frontline NHS and they have encouraged me to stay off due to the risk.

I have been out with DD for walks / to country parks etc and we have met with friends & their children for walks. Have been to the supermarket a couple of times alone & v strictly observing social distancing- have usually managed online orders.

DDs preschool is open now, and as much as she (and I!) would love her to go back, I feel it’s too risky. Would be worried about catching it / DH catching it and him not being able to be with me for the birth.

Hatepickinganame · 06/06/2020 08:45

@11Eleven11 i work in a supermarket. I took four weeks off over the 'peak' of the virus and ive been back since the beginning of may. Honestly i dont feel that much at risk, we have screens at the till points and hand sanitiser everywhere. My biggest concern is the shopfloor where people dont stay 2m away, but i keep reminding myself that unless they cough directly on me the chances of catching it from a 2 second 2m rule breach is very slim. I do tell people to back up and move away if i feel uncomfortable. Im 13 weeks now and i think luckily that im starting to show so people seem more inclined to keep their distance.

@kedooo they need to provide you with a full risk assessment and if they cant keep you as safe as is reasonable you should be suspended on full pay. My work have carried out one RA already, and plan to do one at the start of each trimester.

heroineinahalfshell · 06/06/2020 10:30

I'm being cautious and will continue to be now that things are lifting, particularly as I live in the NW and our R rate is currently the highest in the country. I'm 30w, luckily can easily wfh and my office is staying closed until end July at the earliest, so have been wfh FT since mid March and will continue to do so until I start mat leave. DH also WFH.

DH and I go for a daily walk (at least 1 mile) every day after work, and other than that I've only been going out to antenatal appointments. I've been to Boots once since this started, DH is doing a weekly shop & picking up click&collect and that's it. I plan on waiting to see what happens to the R rate in July after shops have been open a few weeks, and if it doesn't increase I might do a bit of baby shopping, wearing a mask.

We've driven to a couple of beauty spots for longer walks since restrictions eased, but tried to pick quieter locations. We've decided we'll start seeing friends 2 at a time in gardens/parks, but only if they've also been mainly staying at home. My best friend works for the railway and although I'm desperate to see her, she and I both think it's too risky. Our parents live far away and are also in the vulnerable category, so we're not expecting to see them before the birth, which I've been really sad about.

kedooo · 06/06/2020 12:25

@MsChatterbox I am now considering taking early maternity 11 weeks before my due date though it isn't ideal

kedooo · 06/06/2020 12:26

@hatepickinganame they have now said they'll do a risk assessment, I'm just worried I won't agree with it, how can they guarantee I'll be 2 metres from people during my commute and in work with other colleagues. Will see what it says though

Foreverbaffled · 06/06/2020 12:36

Like a previous poster said I think we all have to do our own personal risk assessment.

I’m only 15 weeks pregnant and although occupational health have said I can return to work (nurse) my line manager has insisted I continue working from home. I work in mental health so a lot of my work can be done over telephone or video link.

Although the risks to pregnant women appear similar to non-pregnant population I have read recent reports indicating the potential for placental damage if you catch Covid. This is similar for most viral infections though and related to your bodies inflammatory response rather than vertical transmission. Anyway this makes me feel cautious and am happy to be at home. Saying that though my toddler will be returning to nursery two days a week from July so that will obviously increase our risks as a family a bit more. My DH will also be returning to work in retail next month. Can’t eradicate our risks completely but just trying to be sensible and preserve some normality and good mental health.

Superscientist · 06/06/2020 13:31

For me it comes down to how you are handling being in lockdown.

I'm quite happily working from home and my company are in no rush to get us back into the office. We are able to get food shops every 3ish weeks and are coping fine with that. Even prior to lockdown we most communicated with friends and family via video calls and similar. My parents were the only exception to that and actually I prefer it especially with being pregnant - my mum can get a bit much. We don't really do much clothes/leisure shopping so wouldn't be heading to the shops in normal conditions. All in all we are quite happy living in an isolated bubble so won't be rushing to change it.

My partner is going back into work part time next week (part time at home) they have spent weeks formulating a plan than allows them to work effectively whilst not putting anyone at extra risks. The plan seems really reasonable he will in a room on his own and can get there without public transport, however he works with people that work with patients that are extremely vulnerable so we will being more cautious because of risking passing it on to them.

If we were struggling to live like this we would probably be starting to think about small changes - probably going to the greengrocers or butchers or similar, maybe a short meet up with someone I could trust to follow protocol. If I felt comfortable with that I will then make other small changes and repeat. Take sensible precautions and do what you feel comfortable with.

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