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Bleeding inbetween periods & positive result

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chokolat2 · 05/06/2020 13:22

Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar.
I had what I though was an early period (about 1.5 weeks early) but I have been bleeding for a week today. Nothing too heavy but not spotting, very similar to a period.
However, as it hasn't stopped, I went to the docs today and while checking up I took a pregnancy test which came out positive.
Got home and took another 2 just to be sure.
Has anyone had a bleed in early pregnancy thats lasted more than a week which is a little more than spotting? Or should I be prepared this is a miscarriage? (I had one before about 8 years ago)

All thoughts appreciated

Many thanks

OP posts:
Sosounhappy · 06/06/2020 00:13

I did bleed heavily and then on and off for 8 weeks. It resulted in a now 15 year old child!

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