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Baby changing/nappy box

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Fingerscrossed11 · 05/06/2020 00:43

I’m 25 weeks pregnant today and finding it so difficult to find a baby changing/nappy box. One of the hard plastic ones with two tiers. Can anyone help with where I can get one please. So difficult just now trying to even get baby Gros/vests in a small size but I’ve managed to get 10 of newborn and 0-3 months and can I find a nappy box. Seems these days it’s canvas ones that are the way to go with my 5 day internet search but I like the traditional plastic two tier ones. Thanks in advance

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Fingerscrossed11 · 14/06/2020 14:27

Thank you
It’s the one in first link you sent rosydreams that I am looking for. Still have the one I had for my son (now 6) so I may use that. They definitely aren’t as easy to find as they used to be. Thanks for your help ladies x

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