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Baby girl swimwear

3 replies

Cherryrainbow · 04/06/2020 19:43

Bit of a random question, but what type of swim wear would you put a baby girl in?

I remember when I took my son to baby swimming lessons he had a swim nappy, those scuba type shorts over the nappy and sometimes a swim suit/romper looking thing if that makes sense? but that was nearly 7 years ago!

Most baby girl swimwear ive seen looks like older girl swimsuits. Does that still work with swim nappies and those scuba pant type things? Lol. I didn't want to buy any then be like well that's not practical x

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BadAlice · 04/06/2020 19:46

The same I’d put my son in. A swimming happy, and either a happy happy over the top if a warm pool, or a neoprene splashabout suit if a bit cooler. I think splashabout do a swimming costume with a built in happy happy if that’s more your thing but a lot of private pools are so warm that just the happy is probably more appropriate. Bikinis are weird on babies.

Cherryrainbow · 04/06/2020 19:58

There are baby bikinis?!

Thanks for info badalice. My concern was i was thinking of too many layers for the baby but it sounds about right x

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