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Feeling Broody

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BroodyAndConfused · 04/06/2020 11:28

Hi all, I am new on here and wondered if anyone would be able to offer me some advice. I struggled a bit with ‘spring fever’ last year but it is out of control this year. I think this may be because I am now in a position where starting a family is a realistic option. However, I would love to spend a couple of years travelling beforehand. Logically, I can tell myself this. But my body is having none of it. I am losing sleep, feeling empty and depressed. It seems to get worse when I see babies on tv, and I have really vivid dreams about it that wake me up. My ovaries actually ache, it is like my body is punishing me for not giving in to my urges. I wish there was a way of overcoming these feelings but I know that it is probably not possible. I know that it is natural to feel broody but this is taking over my thoughts so much that I cannot concentrate on anything else. Has anyone else experienced this? Did you give in or did the feelings pass?

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SpillTheTeaa · 04/06/2020 11:32

I've always been broody but I did feel that I wanted one of my own so we started trying. I was very lucky to conceive after first attempt at trying. DS is nearly 11 months and I'm still broody I think I always will be but I know I want to wait until he's at least 1.5. Next time I might not conceive so easily and that thought worries me a little.

BroodyAndConfused · 04/06/2020 11:37

@SpillTheTeaa thanks for your response 😊 perhaps some of us are just more susceptible to these feelings! For some reason the ability to actually conceive does worry me (not that I have any reason to). I hope you do not struggle when the time comes.

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