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Newbee123 · 03/06/2020 18:36

Hi Ladies I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I've not physically vomited but I gag at certain smells and foods. For example I could eat a meal I like but if I later make it for my husband I gag at the smell and then can't have that meal anymore although I ate it a couple of hours ago is this just me or has this or is happening to anyone else ?

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sel2223 · 03/06/2020 18:49

Totally normal I'm sickness and nausea peaked from weeks 7-11 and I lived almost entirely on salt and vinegar crisps and fizzy sweets.
Cooking smells and brushing my teeth were the 2 main things that seemed to set me off.
The first trimester is awful.

Newbee123 · 04/06/2020 09:24

I'm worried if I get diabetes have you had anything like that yet? I'm slightly over weight so I'm worried

OP posts:
sel2223 · 04/06/2020 13:06

My BMI was around 32 at booking in. I had the blood test for GD at 28 weeks and all was fine.

If it puts your mind at rest, you can order urine test strips from amazon which are not expensive. They give an indication of things like protein and glucose in your urine which can be an early indication that something is wrong.
It's not as accurate as a hospital test but i find they ease my anxiety a bit.

Newbee123 · 04/06/2020 13:57

That's very helpful thank you! Do you have a link for it ? I can't seem
To find it.

OP posts:
sel2223 · 04/06/2020 14:23

I can't remember exactly who I ordered from but it was one of the 10 parameter strips

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