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HCG Numbers Doubling too quickly?

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AWILL1217 · 02/06/2020 19:26


So I have a question about my HCG numbers, before I was concerned because they were too low but now I am nervous because they are doubling too quickly! Ha the irony.

Here our my most recent HCG #'s:
May 28th : 257
May 30th : 698
June 1st : 2057

I should be 5 weeks exactly today and I don't really have any pregnancy symptoms besides that occasional breast ache, and even that is very minimal.

Any thoughts?

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AWILL1217 · 02/06/2020 19:27


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Piglet11 · 02/06/2020 19:28

Mine didn’t jump quite as much as that but was higher than normal, I’m now 19 weeks pregnant with twins.

AWILL1217 · 02/06/2020 19:35


Congratulations on your twins!

And I was trying to find information on it online and couldn't quite find anything about it.

My OBGYN says she isn't too concerned yet, but told me to watch out for any bleeding or cramps in the same sentence, which just added more to my anxiety.

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kenandbarbie · 02/06/2020 19:42

When I was pregnant with twins the hog increased more than whatever it was supposed to, can't remember! I had no special twin symptoms.

Piglet11 · 02/06/2020 19:59

I only found out it was twins because I was bleeding so they did a scan.

Missmonkeypenny · 02/06/2020 20:01

IVF pregnancy here but my HCG at 2 weeks post transfer ( or 4 weeks pregnant ) was 5790. Single baby 🙂

sarahc336 · 02/06/2020 20:32

If you Check the normal levels of hcg week to week they vary so much so I think a big jump surely can be normal as the guidelines for each week of pregnancy vary so much it must mean a lot of women's levels vary a great deal too, I think as long as they're going up I'd take this as a good sign xx

AWILL1217 · 02/06/2020 20:54

@missmonkeypenny Congrats on your pregnancy

And thank you! that is definitely reassuring.

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Hoggleludo · 02/06/2020 20:55

Mine was high. My pregnancies ended up being super high risk. Due to placental issues

But I have a very healthy 8 and 6 yr old now! But mine were that high. My dr said some women just do

Hoggleludo · 02/06/2020 20:56

I also had an ectopic pregnancy

That was also high.

Leala20 · 02/06/2020 22:13

Can I ask how you check your hcg on your own? Sorry but I don’t know and I doubt you you have a blood test every other day 😊

AWILL1217 · 02/06/2020 23:14

@Leala20 My OBGYN noticed swelling and tenderness on my left pelvic side when I went in for my pregnancy confirmation exam. She wanted to rule out ectopic pregnancy, so she ordered for me to do blood work every other day to test my HCG and progesterone levels. Luckily, with my numbers more than doubling, she ruled out an ectopic pregnancy for now.

My ultrasound is next week, just to triple check it is not an ectopic or maybe even a ovarian cyst. and to the check the little one's heart beat of course!

But for now, we are in the clear!

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AWILL1217 · 02/06/2020 23:20

@Hoggleludo Thanks for the reassurance!

If you don't mind me asking, for the ectopic pregnancy, did you or your doctor notice right away in the blood work? or did you find out during your ultrasound? Sorry if it is too personal for you.

My doctor had worries of me might having an ectopic pregnancy before, but with my HCG doubling, she eased off that theory for now.

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Greengrapes1357 · 02/06/2020 23:44

I had fertility treatment with both pregnancies the first a singleton levels were low and slowly rose, second was twins and increased rapidly - I was told at 5 weeks they suspected twins.

AWILL1217 · 03/06/2020 00:07


Thank you! I wasn't expecting to be pregnant now so 2 babies will definitely be such a surprise and blessing all in one!

I will keep you ladies updated on the ultrasound next week to see if we have any surprises in there.

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Ticklyrain · 03/06/2020 01:23

My HCG numbers rocketed even more than yours - I was over 10,000 at five weeks. My OB wasn’t too worried about an eptopic as I had no symptoms of one, but told me to prepare for twins. A friend had an eptopic martial molar pregnancy and her hcg was way way past yours - it went over 100,00 before she was diagnosed at just over six weeks. She also felt horribly unwell.

I went on to have one very healthy singleton. I remember the anxiety and worrying what it meant - in reality every pregnancy is different and sometimes our bodies just decide to crank up the hcg. The only adverse affect I had was horrendous morning sickness!

Best of luck OP. It’s ok to feel anxious, many of us did, but in reality it probably means nothing

Leala20 · 03/06/2020 07:42

@AWILL1217 thank you for your reply. I was asked to come back for a second blood tests aweek later but this is due to the opposite, my levels being low and not really increasing and ectopic was mentioned as well but most likely chemical. I am due to find out today but I feel it’s chemical as had more bleeding even very small over last few days and my pregnancy test is the faintest ever after a week. Twins! Amazing and wish you all the best!

Hoggleludo · 03/06/2020 09:30


Neither. I kept going to my gp in pain. I kept getting robbed off with it was wind

Eventually my dr sent me to hospital. They did the same thing. Your having a miscarriage. They did that for 3 weeks! Sadly it ended up rupturing and I was rushed into theatre. I lost my tube. Then they didn’t do the op right. So I had to have another op. Then I got an infection. So another op. Then I had something else. So another op! I had 4 operations within 30 days

Was the toughest part of my life. I did it all alone too

AWILL1217 · 03/06/2020 13:00

@Leala20 I am so sorry that you are going through that. I wish you all the best and stay positive through it all!

And I cannot imagine that, that will be a lot to take in.

@Hoggleludo That is terrible. I am sorry you had to go through that alone. That must have been extremely painful and gut wrenching. 4 operations in 4 days, all because they could not have located in time.
What a whirlwind.

Sending love and support to both of you! Flowers

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