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Serious bloat!! Anybody else?

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xxlannixx · 02/06/2020 11:55

So im 4+2 got my bfp on 7dpo. My partner knew it was going to be a posutive as my boobs and stomach where bigger than the norm. Now a week later and my tummy just keep growing.
I know little bub is like a tomato seed so its pure bloat but has anybody else got this?
This is my second child so i know you show sooner and my first i was showing early with the end result being a 10lb7oz baby girl!!

OP posts:
Wagamamas · 02/06/2020 11:58

Congrats! I did with my second at that stage, too! My dc was just under 7lb though. Mint tea helped. Increase fiber, i like prunes and appricots as hormones can constipate you leading to bloating.

butwhiletheresmusicandlaughter · 02/06/2020 11:59

I’m totally with you. 5wks + 5 with my fourth. My stomach is ridiculously bloated...I don’t remember it being like this at this stage before....hoping it settles down soon as really want to keep it quiet until after first scan...

crazychemist · 02/06/2020 12:41

I was VAST with bloating through weeks 5 &6. Felt like I'd been inflated, it was sooooooo uncomfortable. I think it's supposed to be caused by the increase in progesterone basically slowing down your digestive system. It gets better!

xxlannixx · 02/06/2020 13:44

Ohhh Girls im so glad its not just me!
Im finding it hard to hide... along with the fact im refusing alcohol, coffee and have quite smoking.
It seems quite obvious to the ones that are close to me.

My 9 year old daughter said the other night, 'im not being nasty but i think you have put on abit of weight' I never laughed so hard bless her.

Does the bloat go down??

OP posts:
crazychemist · 02/06/2020 15:58

I found that I got larger during the day each day and deflated at night! But mostly it disappeared after 6 weeks. Still get some bloaty days though (13 weeks now).

LittleLlamaMay · 02/06/2020 23:47

Totally bloated for most of the first trimester, I was convinced I was just one of those who show immediately but when I got to 10 weeks it seemed to flatten over night, I was devastated! Hormones must have started to settle... within a few weeks though my actual bump started to come in. Now 37+4 and feeling like a house! Having a bump is amazing but enjoy the freedom of movement whilst you can Grin

I imagine if you're a bloaty person normally (as I am!) Pregnancy will be to different Grin Wink

Sfairy · 03/06/2020 18:47

Hey! Congratulations!
I'm 5weeks and very bloated, I'm finding some days it goes down and back up after eating but it can be quite uncomfortable, definitely because of hormones xx

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