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Anyone used a private obstetrician? (Outside of London only pls)

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Gerdticker · 01/06/2020 11:42

I’d like to make an appointment with a private obstetrician for various reasons, but I can’t seem to find any in my area (kent/Sussex/Surrey)

I don’t really want to go into central London - there seems to be plenty available there!

Just wondered if anyone else had used a private obstetrician and if so, how did you find them?

Thanks! X

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Gerdticker · 01/06/2020 13:35

Little bump x

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BerthaBear · 01/06/2020 13:50

I used a private consultant for my pregnancies, but it was in London. There are a lot there, but less outside of London. Sorry that I cannot help more.

Billyjoearmstrong · 01/06/2020 16:14
Billyjoearmstrong · 01/06/2020 16:17

Private obstetrician at this practice

Billyjoearmstrong · 01/06/2020 16:23

They sometimes come up if you search for “private birth town name”

Gerdticker · 01/06/2020 17:44

@BerthaBear @Billyjoearmstrong thanks guys that’s a great help x

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