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Anyone with a hemorrhage during pregnancy

13 replies

Sazzy312 · 31/05/2020 08:45

Hi all, I have a hemorrhage under the pregnancy so not affecting the baby, has anyone got any advice?if the womb is stretching could that knock or affect the area and make it bleed more? The hopsital wasnt very helpful

OP posts:
198435years · 01/06/2020 08:58

Thought I'd try and give this a bump up as I have the same thing but much earlier on still. The spotting has continued and it'll be 2 weeks on Wednesday. So glad to hear it's not effected the baby x

Frazzlerock · 01/06/2020 09:32

Hi @Sazzy312 I have (or had) a subchorionic haematoma.

I had a massive bleed with gigantic clots at 7 weeks and, after having 4 MCs, we assumed this one was all over. Started the grieving process yet again. But then the bleeding suddenly stopped after only about 24 hours. I was worried there was something stuck so I had a scan booked for a few days later and amazingly there was a little wriggly baby minding his/her own business! I've had several more scans a baby is fine and was diagnosed with this SCH which was pretty big compared to the baby at the time (it was 4cm). I'm now 14+4 weeks and, at my last scan at 12+3, the bleed had shrunk by quite a lot. The last time I had a bleed was a couple of weeks ago and it was very old brown blood and I've had nothing since so I am hoping it has now drained itself out.
At my last scan the Sonographer didn't even bother measuring it as she said they can increase and decrease in size. she wasn't concerned at all.

I read that pelvic rest (ie no sex including orgasms) is good for keeping the bleed at bay. My consultant advised that as long as I'd not bled for 7 days that we could continue sexual activity (although we are very nervous).
Also try and keep rested as a whole. I noticed I had big bleeds after a big walk so I have remained on the sofa for several weeks with the odd short and slow walk around the block.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Sazzy312 · 01/06/2020 09:58

Hi thanks so much for replying, I've had bleeds through my last two pregnancy but unfortunately they ended in miscarriage, so I'm used to bleeding but its still a bit of a worry im 8+5 and the bleeding comes and goes, we havent had sex but i didnt think about orgasms, I'm resting alot on the sofa so fingers crossed at the 12 week scan all is well, im having alot of twinges and cramps on and off but i assume its stretching, I'm glad your bleed got smaller and different interfere with baby :) did they say where abouts the bleed was compared to your baby? Mine is underneath so not near placenta ect x

OP posts:
Frazzlerock · 01/06/2020 10:08

It really is such a worrying time isn't it, especially if you've had previous MCs. Mine was behind the placenta. At one point it seemed to be surrounding the baby almost.. I was so worried that if I had another big bleed the baby would fall out with it!
Orgasms cause the uterus to contract so I would avoid if you can - it was sooo hard and drove me bonkers, but keep at it and soon baby will be bigger than the bleed and it may even disperse or eventually make its way out. Then you're good to go. Just make sure you're regularly scanned until your 12 week scan so they can keep an eye on it.
I'm now not due any scans until 20 weeks which I'm not happy about and my RMC consultant is trying to get me one for 16 weeks.

Sazzy312 · 01/06/2020 11:03

Well I havent meant to orgasm haha I've sort of woken up to one which I've never done before lol I must stop having sexy dreams haha, oh right wow yes yours is very close and bigger than mine, i think mine was 23mm by 15mm, did they measure it last time? well my last bleed did dissapear but then baby died but wasn't to do with the bleed, I suppose mine is slighty less worry as its underneath far away from the sac and baby so the hospital won't scan me till 12 weeks and just said no sex and don't do too much exercise, yes it would be good for you to have another scan just to reassure you, I find pregnancy in geneal very hard I'm just trying to take each day as it comes

OP posts:
Frazzlerock · 01/06/2020 11:58

haha, yes that happened to me a couple of times when I was trying to avoid it. That can't be helped obviously Grin

It sounds like your bleed is nothing to worry about. Best of luck with your pregnancy!

Frazzlerock · 01/06/2020 12:00

I meant to add, no they didn't measure it last time (12 week) as she said they get smaller and bigger so not worth measuring and it might just make me anxious if it has got bigger But It was measured when I had my Harmony test/scan and it had shrunk by more than half.

Sazzy312 · 01/06/2020 12:46

Ah right well yes you can't do nothing about the size and at least it does get smaller, I just had another gush a red blood and I was only lieing on sofa its so annoying and makes me so anxious as having odd cramps, I just wish we could see if our babies are gonna survive

OP posts:
Sazzy312 · 02/06/2020 11:17

@198435years How many weeks pregnant are you now? And did you ever have a big bleed?

OP posts:
October2020 · 02/06/2020 11:20

Meeeeee... I had loads of bleeding until 12 weeks. Big bleed seen on scan. Midwife said orgasms fine so I carried on - no sex but that wasn't necessarily just because of the bleeding.

All gone by 20 weeks. Just 'one of those things' and baby absolutely fine now. Remember the horror of it when I was pouring blood on multiple occasions, A&E dashes etc..terrifying time.

198435years · 02/06/2020 12:00

Hi. Just 9 weeks. I've been spotting for 2 weeks now. Scan at 7 weeks showed heartbeat and ok measurements with the small bleed on scan underneath measuring 6mm x 4mm. With it being 2 weeks since then with this spotting having continued I'm so anxious things my have changed for the worst. It's fairly light and worse in the mornings and after a walk. No big bleed but the 2 days at the beginning were a lot heavier. It's a rollercoaster of emotions. I've booked a private scan at window to the womb tomorrow. I can't wait another 3 weeks til my 12 week to find out. Plus they said I can take my husband. So fingers crossed everything works out for everyone. I'll send update xx

Sazzy312 · 02/06/2020 17:04

Oh wow @October2020 thank you for your reassuring experience, i literally had thr heaviest bleed today just pour down my leg! I was so upset and i was only led on the sofa lol but now its gone off just back to a normal brown/red bleed, i think my bleed this time is slighty bigger so it is to be expected but still such a worry,
@198435years good luck with your scan tomorrow thats great your husband can go, so are partners still not allowed even at the 12 week scan? Yes yours is a small bleed so thats lucky, I'm hoping everything goes alright, keep in touch everyone x

OP posts:
198435years · 03/06/2020 16:17

My hospital told me I would have to go on my own at 12 weeks because of covid restrictions. The scan showed everything to still be ok even after the bleed. They couldn't see anything of the bleed on the scan so I'm hoping it's been reabsorbed and it'll stop now so I can stop panicking. Hope everything is ok with u xx

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