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Low amniotic fluid in pregnancy

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July2020baby · 30/05/2020 06:26


I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant and have been told I have low amniotic fluid after having scans for reduced movement.

I’m now having weekly scans.

Has anyone else had this this early? I’m looking online and it’s saying possible birth defects? I’m healthy otherwise.


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onlyreadingneverposting8 · 30/05/2020 13:38

I got oligohydramnios at about 31/32 weeks with one of mine. Weekly scans and I was induced at 37+2 weeks (was meant to be 37 +1 but they had no doctors that day!). Baby was absolutely fine - no problems at all.

July2020baby · 30/05/2020 14:23

Ahh that’s great to hear thank you. :)

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July2020baby · 30/05/2020 17:08

anyone else?

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TenThousandSpoons0 · 01/06/2020 06:18

Hey. No personal experience but I do know that a lot depends on overall circumstances. Birth defects due to oligohydramnios would usually happen only if the fluid was low since

Amicompletelyinsane · 01/06/2020 06:24

I had a fever, ill in hospital for days at 31 weeks. At next growth scan I had hardly any fluid. I could feel all of baby and tell the position of him as there was so little. I kept getting reduced movement. I didn't know until 35 weeks that I had no fluid. They evicted him at 36 weeks. Perfectly healthy baby

MrsRose2018 · 01/06/2020 06:31


Different situation but my waters broke at 25 weeks and I’m now 33!

I’m similarly in twice a week for monitoring but baby seems to be doing amazingly! I even had a growth scan at 32 weeks and he’s on the 50tj centile for everything - except his massive head at 90 🙈

I can’t comment about the birth defects aspect but just to reassure you low amnio/amnio loss isn’t a disaster! They just have to keep a v close eye on you and your baby to make sure you don’t develop an infection and the growth carries on nicely and you may be induced at 37 weeks (I am) so you’ll get to meet your bub a bit early!!


MrsRose2018 · 01/06/2020 06:34

@Amicompletelyinsane 😂😂😂 “Evicted”!!!

I refer to my baby as trying to “Shawshank” it

July2020baby · 02/06/2020 06:49

They’ve tested me and my waters haven’t broken. I’ve had a lot of reduced movement but so far this morning and yesterday the movement has been great so hopefully on my next scan the waters have gone back up

OP posts:
TenThousandSpoons0 · 02/06/2020 08:10

Great, fingers crossed for you :)

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