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Mid cycle bleed?

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Mumof2jess · 29/05/2020 11:37


I was just looking for some advice
I'm going to do it in steps so it's easier to understand

1st period lasted 5 days 25th-30th of April

Mid cycle bleed 10-17th of may? This occurred after having sex around ovulation and was on and off never enough for a pad or tampon.. was dark brown and pink and 2 lots of red ( around a table spoon full )

VERY FAINT bfp around 23rd of may...
obvious bfp 25th on different brand
Faint bfp every day since on wondfo brand

AF was due 26th and still nothing?

I'm confused am I pregnant or was the mid cycle bleed a light period
I don't know when I ovulated

Surely if I was pregnant I would have a dark bfp at 15-18 dpo???

Mid cycle bleed?
Mid cycle bleed?
Mid cycle bleed?
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