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Is this a positive?

14 replies

cydb · 29/05/2020 06:25

Honestly I think it may because my period is due today why all my test have had a faint line. I believed they could have been evap lines, however I've had 4 of the same result I don't believe that's a coincidence!

Also all the lines come up within a minute so defo not out of the time frame!

This is my most recent, but is this a positive ?

Is this a positive?
OP posts:
YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake · 29/05/2020 06:37

I can see a line. Congratulations

cydb · 29/05/2020 06:37

This may not be as pixelated

Is this a positive?
OP posts:
Onone · 29/05/2020 06:48

I can see a very faint line

Vicky2212 · 29/05/2020 07:33

Definitely a line there. Congratulations

Siobhan1989 · 29/05/2020 19:56

I think it’s positive but I’d do another brand. I got bad indentation lines on these tests - some even looked positive before I peed on them 😂

cydb · 30/05/2020 00:39

No way really 😂 so bad x

OP posts:
AntiHop · 30/05/2020 00:40

I see it!

cydb · 30/05/2020 01:20

I'm so glad it's not just me!

I'll defo take another on Monday morning then to see if the lines got darker 😌

Thanks for all the replies x

OP posts:
ToothFairyNemesis · 30/05/2020 01:23

It’s definitely a line are you sure you are due on today though and not later?

cydb · 30/05/2020 02:07

I'm not to sure. I'm just going off what the midwife said after I had a miscarriage. But I have PCOS so can never be sure if it's exactly when my period was due 🤷‍♀️x

OP posts:
Candyflosscrochet · 30/05/2020 09:27

I got a faint line at what I thought was 2 days late and they just got stronger every couple of days. I'm pretty sure I ovulated quite late this time as my cycles are anywhere from 24 to 28 days. I tested bfn on cycle day 26 but the faint bfp on cycle day 30! xx

Is this a positive?
Is this a positive?
cydb · 30/05/2020 17:46

I'm so happy to hear that! Congratulations lovely hopefully I have a similar results xx

OP posts:
Dreamcatcher34 · 30/05/2020 20:16

Definitely positive. My first ones were the same. Congrats.

Gallacia · 30/05/2020 20:18

I can see a line!

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