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Had a scan but i can't stop worrying

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BYHA12 · 28/05/2020 19:08

I had a scan today due to some cramping, midwife sent to the early pregnancy unit! They were great and did a scan and some checks on me. Baby was fine measured 7 weeks and with a heartbeat. So everything is fine but I am just so terrified that something will go wrong still I can't stop reading bad stuff about people's pregnancies ending.
People keep sayin to me something can still go wrong don't get to happy which I know isn't nice and makes me even more anxious!

OP posts:
lc86 · 28/05/2020 19:26

I feel you, I'm 12 weeks, had two early scans and nhs scan next week and I'm constantly thinking what if's.. I try to avoid these chats some days as there's always a sad story from someone which makes me realise something could go wrong. Plenty more people have healthy pregnancies though so try and give yourself a break and focus on the positives. When I had my 8 week scan she said the chances of anything happening after that drop dramatically xx

BeMorePacific · 28/05/2020 19:35

The odds of a healthy pregnancy are in your favour.
Worry and anxiety is completely normal, but unhelpful. My advise would be to keep yourself busy, so some things that you enjoy.
I spent my 1st pregnancy feeling like everything was too good to be true and I never really relaxed. He is now a healthy, happy 3 year old. It can go well and more often that not it does.
This is now my 2nd pregnancy, and I really wish I hadn’t joined MN in my 1at trimester. As I found it very damaging and I was more worried about MC than I needed to be. Take care and congratulations xx

Carabu1 · 28/05/2020 19:36

This probably won’t make you feel any less worried, but just to say I feel the exact same. I had a great scan last week at 8+1, which helped initially, but now the anxiety is creeping back. I am aware that, rationally, worrying isn’t going to change the outcome but before I was pg I just had no idea how much can go wrong....! It’s pretty scary and stressful, especially, I think, because I had fertility treatment so know getting here again will be hard (maybe impossible). So in short - you’re not alone! And the only thing that consoles me really is reading on here that most women feel this way, yet most women and their babies are fine (Not all, but majority). Chin up and hang in there! The other thing that throws up in here a lot is that it does get better as the week go on (I really hope this is true!)

Feelthefear01 · 28/05/2020 20:00

I had 2 pregnancy losses so when I became pregnant again soon after with my third I was a wreck to The Point I wouldn't get out of bed through pure fear. I had bleeding at 6 weeks and had a scan that showed a heartbeat, this reasured me for 24 then became paranoid about everything from any pain or spasms to being convinced my bloods would be positive for HIV. I then had hyporemisis and had to back to hospital. I Google information and found this could half baby. I didn't sleep for 2 nights. I had a meltdown to partner I needed a private scan at u weeks, he agreed and all was fine. This reasured me for 24 hours. I then had a major bleed at 10 weeks and thought this is it, I've lost another one. I went to hospital and had a scan to be told I had a bleed in the womb but baby was fine. It reasured me for 24 hours. I had a further bleed at 11 weeks where following investigations was informed I have an eroded cervix (not dangerous just means you can bleed simetimes). 12 weeks scan was fine, reasured me for 24 hours. Didn't tell anyone I was pregnant, what was the point as it wasn't going to last. Had a bleed at 14 weeks, hospital wouldn't scan due to having the cervix being the reason I was bleeding. Begged DH for a private scan? He refused knowing this would never be enough and there would be no end. Felt movements at 16 weeks but this just made me worse when I didn't feel movements. 20 week scan all was fine. Got asked if I wanted to know gender. I said no, it would make me bond more and I didn't want to bond with a baby that would never be born. At this point my DH knew this could not go on and made me seek help. I had CBT which really helped, the best advice I got was where is your evidence, what proof do you have that anything is going to go wrong. I'm now 29 weeks and baby is beating me most days and no position seems to be comfortable (wouldn't change it for the world). I've just allowed myself to start buying items for baby. I know it's a long post but just wanted you to see that even with bleeding and other problems it does not mean that the pregnancy won't succeed. Some amount of anxiety is normal, but please seek support if needed.

BYHA12 · 28/05/2020 20:42

Thank you so much for all your posts really helps knowing I'm not alone. I have my son (1year old) to be keep me busy but when I have that one second to myself I just end up reading things like something can go wrong and there's always a chance and stuff.
With my son I was pretty worried until my 12 week scan I started to relax and was okay and enjoyed that pregnancy. After him unfortunately Iv had 2 miscarriages just started bleeding randomly and was really heartbroken. Now I'm 7 weeks and everything is going well and looks good I just can't beat the fact that something can still go wrong and I hate it when people say even if there's a heartbeat your chances don't go down there's just no support when there should be x

OP posts:
Feelthefear01 · 28/05/2020 20:55

If your anything like me, I kind of sought out the negative stats and was more interested in the bad story's then the good story's. No Idea why I did that, just a glutton for punishment I suppose. I have found most chats on here normally have a negative outcome, but that's due to people needing more support when things go wrong.
No one is going to ask for support for a perfect pregnancy with the perfect baby at the end.

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