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Pregnancy and social distancing/isolating

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Ang3113 · 28/05/2020 18:31

Hi. I just wondered what people’s views are. So far I’ve been really careful and have wfh and not really left the house except for medical appointments/to go to pharmacy. With the new guidelines, I’d love to see family at a social distance, but don’t want to put myself and baby at risk. However, I’m finding the thought of not seeing my family before I give birth really difficult. Not sure what answer I’m looking for, just wondered how everyone else is dealing with this? I’m a bit of a worrier so want to make sure I’m doing it all right and minimising risk. Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
JKD1982 · 28/05/2020 18:34


I am feeling exactly the same. Been self isolating for 13 weeks now and due next week. I decided to visit my MIL and SIL last weekend and sit in their garden 2m apart. Didn’t use the toilet or go in the house and just came and went via a side gate. Figured it’s the same as if I was in a park with randoms sitting on the next bench?

I’m more worried about shielding the newborn as if they want to visit in the garden how depressing will it be if they can’t have a cuddle? But just feel seeing people at a distance is better than not at all x

SummerHouse · 28/05/2020 18:36

See them. Do outside visits and two metre distance and take your own food and drink. In this context, your risk is miniscule. Also pregnant women are only in the vulnerable category as a precaution. I totally get your worries. Pregnancy brings out a maternal instinct. But we have to learn how to live with this virus.

Birdy1991 · 28/05/2020 19:32

I’m 31 weeks and seen both my parents this week and last, social distancing on the beach and no hugging etc. It’s been nice. The way I see it is that you walk past people on the street, so standing two metres from a relative surely is ok. 😊

mamasiz · 28/05/2020 19:34

I’m 28 weeks but also have a toddler who needs shielding, so I won’t be seeing anyone. Each to their own now I think.

LanieM87 · 28/05/2020 19:39

I'm over 29 weeks. Is, I've been WFH for a while, but I also live on my own, so I've been going out weekly, now increasing to twice weekly for shopping etc, I've always felt perfectly safe. I've been for walks with my mum over the past few weeks and now we can meet others in the garden - I'll be catching up with some of my friends.

I think it's a personal decision. I'm aware of the situation but I also feel I can't lock myself away, so it's just making your own risk assessment/judgement.

MichelleOR84 · 28/05/2020 19:47

I’m 15 weeks and have stuck to the rules pretty strictly up until now . However now that lockdown is relaxing I plan on seeing people . I go back to work next month and my son goes to nursery. I’m not going out of my way to socialise ( aka , go to a large gathering at someone’s house ) but I do plan on visiting family in an outdoor space .

lockdownpregnancy · 28/05/2020 19:56

I'm 22 weeks and been at home for 11 weeks and only see my mom a handful of times when she has dropped some food off.
I'm definitely seeing my family next week and my best friend.
I have really struggled not to see anyone, especially being pregnant, as I want to share it with my family and friends.
I have arranged a walk with my dog with my MIL and I'll be seeing my best friend and my grandad next week too.
This is on the basis that the weather is good as I won't be going into their houses, it will be still social distancing but at least we get to spend some time with our loved ones!
I literally cannot wait as my anxiety has been horrendous and the last few weeks I've really struggled.
Plus my DH goes back to work next week, so I will be on my own all day, which doesn't help me at all, as my anxiety is mainly based around separation anxiety, so this lockdown has been really hard on me mentally.
As long as you social distance you will be fine 🥰🥰

mouse1234567 · 28/05/2020 21:34

I’m 37 weeks and I’m def seeing a few people at a distance outside. I think is a very small risk, no more than hospital visits anyway.

Itsnoteasyfeelingqueasy · 29/05/2020 23:15

I’m 35 weeks and have visited my parents at distance in their garden. They have not been going out at all. I have also continued to look after my horse daily, I keep my distance and wash my hands before leaving the stables. I plan to strictly isolate at 38 weeks to make sure I don’t get it before the birth

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