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Additional 36w scan probably cancelled due to corona

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Christmastree43 · 28/05/2020 18:04


At our 20 week scan back in Feb the baby's abdomen was measuring above the 95th percentile so we were advised we'd be booked in for a further scan at 36w to see if baby continued to measure large.

My midwife has measured my bump three times in the interim, most recently yesterday, and I am hovering just below the 90th percentile so technically speaking it's not a problem unless you hit that 90th percentile.

Midwife informed me that due to coronavirus the scan has been cancelled and changed to a telephone consultation with a consultant at the hospital instead.

I wondered therefore what questions I should be asking, should I be pushing for a scan (which did seem to be an option if I was so inclined), and any experiences of the above.

I understand it mostly relates to the size of the baby and any implications this may have on delivery.

I plan to ask the consultant

  • Why it was felt necessary before but not now (any tips on phrasing that better are welcome Grin)

Difference in accuracy between measuring bump and a scan
  • What interventions they would usually take/ recommend if baby is measuring big
  • Success/ outcomes if intervention chosen in cases like this

Can anyone think of anything else or perhaps answer any of the above? And what would you do? Thanks so much Smile
OP posts:
Christmastree43 · 29/05/2020 07:27

Morning all, a quick bump for any opinions 🙂

OP posts:
IDontLikeMondays88 · 29/05/2020 07:29

When is your 36w scan due to be.

I would push for a scan personally,

SpecialKakapo · 29/05/2020 07:36

I'd push for a scan too. My hospital does them as standard for everyone to check for positioning (not heard of them being cancelled yet🤞). Maybe call up the maternity helpline (or whatever the equivalent is in your area) beforehand to ask.. they might say no but worth trying imo.

Hatepickinganame · 29/05/2020 08:29

I would also push for the scan, depending on your hospitals policies knowing the baby is big may not make a difference to your overall birth plan but at least the midwives will be prepared in case. I have already been told i will be sent for extra scans as my last baby was 10lb 6oz and i had polyhydramnios. If they try to cancel mine I'll argue against it all the way, again not that i think it will change how/when i give birth, but id like midwives to know if its a big baby again to be prepared. If that makes sense?

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