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Baby's movements during the day

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Bellsx · 28/05/2020 13:17

Hi ladies I'm 28 weeks today and I was just curious as to how active your baby's are during the day as in not first thing or in the evening when your laid/sat down but can you feel movement when your doing things throughout the day?

OP posts:
sassenach84 · 28/05/2020 13:20

35 weeks here. I feel a few pokes and kicks randomly throughout the day but the real party starts when I lay down to sleep - that's when she moves the most.

jdy123 · 28/05/2020 13:30

I'm 30 weeks and hardly feel much in the day. The odd 20 mins I'll get a flurry of pokes and then nothing. I mainly feel movements in the evening and in the morning when I wake up. I hardly feel anything through the night either but I'm guessing that's cause I'm sleeping lol

Mucklowe · 28/05/2020 13:45

I'm 26 weeks 4 days, and as well as the morning and nighttime movements, I feel her after lunch and snacks (she must like her food!) and then about four separate times over the course of the day.

SillyYak · 28/05/2020 13:56

41 weeks here (!) and much the same. A few kicks after lunch while I sit down for a cuppa but mostly first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Bellsx · 28/05/2020 14:18

Okay thank you ladies. I was just worried as I'm coming into my last trimester now and just thought I should be feeling him more throughout the day as well as in the mornings and evenings.

OP posts:
lockdownpregnancy · 28/05/2020 14:55

Same as other pp's. Wriggly first thing and early evening and he is having a few kicks now but usually quiet throughout the day x

aleisha1989 · 28/05/2020 15:05

I would feel random movements whenever I would be doing housework but not so much as night time, my little boy LOvEd to move at night, I guess babies have different preferences when they move and don't

Superscientist · 28/05/2020 15:21

I'm 28 weeks, nothing regular during the day bits of movement here and there. She gets a bit more active around 4.30/5.00 pm towards the end of the working day.

On days when I've not been able to do much and spent more of the day sat/lay quietly she is more active /I notice her movements more. My partner jokes it's because I've confused her into thinking it's night time!

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