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How soon did your body start to change in your second pregnancy?

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Hushabusha · 27/05/2020 22:44

I have just found out I'm pregnant. About Two &a half weeks past ov so not even 5 weeks pregnant.
And I think my stomach is slightly chunkier. I'm not sure is it the pregnancy (seems early) the choc I've been indulging in or just an outfit that's a bit unflattering. Or I could be exactly the same size and seeing something that doesn't exist.

What are your experiences?

OP posts:
kim160790 · 27/05/2020 23:56

You show earlier with future pregnancies. I find i bloat a lot around 5-6 weeks x

DramaAlpaca · 27/05/2020 23:57

Almost immediately Grin

sk283 · 27/05/2020 23:59


I'm 4+4 today so similar to you OP. And I was literally looking at what I ate today to account for why I'm so bloated. DS is 14 months old and I'm nearly a stone above my Pre pregnancy weight. Mainly carried in my tummy.
But this is ridiculous. I look about 20 weeks 😂

Bienentrinkwasser · 28/05/2020 10:04

Definite bump at about 13 weeks. Now look massive at 17 weeks 😂

OneIsAWorldOfBooks · 28/05/2020 10:12

My boobs got bigger almost immediately and I had a LOT of bloating in my first trimester, so much so that people at work were commenting that I was starting to show (through scrubs) by 8/9 weeks. I lost a lot of weight due to sickness so I think it made the bloating more prominent. It went down gradually as I got into my second trimester and I now have a pretty small bump considering I’m almost 26 weeks.

Hushabusha · 28/05/2020 21:12

Interesting. Thanks everyone. So it's probably not my imagination!

OP posts:
BeMorePacific · 28/05/2020 21:41

I’ve been so bloated 2nd time around. I’m 17 +3 and look about the same as I did at 24 weeks last time. I have felt movement early though, so that is a lovely bonus.
Congratulations xx

Helloagain20 · 28/05/2020 21:43

I seemed bloated from 5 weeks by 9 weeks I couldn't zip my jeans up (was twins though).

sarahc336 · 28/05/2020 21:57

This time round, second pregnancy I'm glad I've been in lock down as I literally wouldn't have been able to hide my bump by 10 weeks, can't believe how much quicker I've got a proper bump this time round x

Spark27 · 28/05/2020 22:31

I was really bloated around week 5 to week 8. I thought I looked massive and was quiet uncomfortable. Then seemed to calm down for a few weeks (cue panic!) But then the bump started to grown from about week 14. Now 22.5w and feel a lot more uncomfortable than I did first time round

TobysMum16 · 29/05/2020 07:42

I was showing a little and felt uncomfortable enough to switch to maternity jeans by 8 weeks. (I was more like 20 weeks last time). I’m now 24 weeks and look the same as I did at 30 weeks!

edgeware · 29/05/2020 07:43

I thought I was showing early but it was just bloat. It went and I am now starting to show at 17-18 weeks.

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