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So scared of my early scan

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BYHA12 · 27/05/2020 13:49

So I'm going for an early private scan on Monday il be 7 weeks and 3 days I am absolutely terrified! I am going alone due to covid19 and just so scared that there won't be a heartbeat! Any tips or advice to keep me calm until then? Thanks

OP posts:
Peppapigisevil · 27/05/2020 13:58

I remember feeling exactly like this. My first pregnancy was an IVF pregnancy and there was no heartbeat at six weeks. I went for a scan at seven weeks and there was, all was well, ds is now 15. How are you feeling? Do you fee pregnant?

BYHA12 · 27/05/2020 14:07

@Peppapigisevil I really hope there is a heartbeat. Yep I do. Feel very nauseous and lost my eating appetite completely. Just constantly feeling sick and very sleepy x

OP posts:
lockdownpregnancy · 27/05/2020 14:15

@Peppapigisevil you sound like you've got all the right signs of some far so good'
Heartbeats are defected from around 7 weeks onwards so if Baby is well you should see a heartbeat.
I had an early scan at 7+4 and heartbeat was super clear!
I wish you all the best with your pregnancy!
If you're getting super anxious try and do something you enjoy to take your kind of it all. Meditation and pregnancy yoga are always good for calming the mind too 🥰🥰

MissHoney85 · 27/05/2020 14:28

@BYHA12 not much by way of advice but I'm the same! I'm having a scan on Saturday when I should be 7 weeks or 7 +1. I'm so certain that something will be wrong. I don't have hugely obvious symptoms - no nausea or exhaustion which everyone else seems to get. Time is going so slowly, I just want it over with so I can deal with whatever happens. Just trying to keep myself busy and distracted - which obviously isn't working too well as I'm on here!

Peppapigisevil · 27/05/2020 14:57

It’s good that you’re feeling pregnant. I never look forward to scans but my dcs are 16 and 13 now. Fingers crossed for you Smile

sel2223 · 27/05/2020 16:19

I'm sure all will be fine. Just go in with an open mind as measurements can be out in early pregnancy which can cause a lot of anxiety.
I had a scan when I thought I was 7+5 but baby only measured 6+1 (luckily there was a heartbeat but a day or 2 earlier and there might not have been).
I'm now 29 weeks and have caught up by a week since that early scan but it's just something to be aware of.

Newmummyxx · 27/05/2020 16:26

@BYHA12 Hope that your scan goes well. Smile Its my first pregnancy so I was feeling really anxious. My private clinic allowed my boyfriend to attend with me but not sure all clinics have the same rules. x

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