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Hospital bag and when to pack it x

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chernise22 · 27/05/2020 09:50

Hi guys!!

When do you guys thinks best to start making sure the hospital bag is ready?

Due august 3rd and want to be organised. Also what's best to pack without going over board.

Hope everyone's doing well X

OP posts:
Dyra · 27/05/2020 10:14

I was going to get mine done the first weekend of maternity leave (36+4). However, I needed it at 36+1, so I would say to definitely have it done by the first week of July.

Otherwise, there's no time like the present! Grin

LanieM87 · 27/05/2020 10:19

I'm due 9th August and mine is just about ready to go 🙈 I'm a very organised person anyway, so I've been collecting bits and pieces as I've been out and about. The baby's bag is already done!

mouse1234567 · 27/05/2020 11:13

I need to get sorted with mine -I’m 37 and 3 and haven’t really bought much -trying to motivate myself to be organised!

Banaaaaaanarama1 · 27/05/2020 11:42

I would pack maybe mid July, no need to stress over it either, but I understand that you want to be prepared ☺ think I did my first at about 37 weeks or so.

I would pack 2 bags, one for baby and one for yourself and partner. Or maybe use a small suitcase and one side each.

For you -
2x comfy baggy pyjamas
Dressing gown!
Pack of disposable knickers (with pads in them) you can get them on amazon etc
Lip balm
Water bottle
Hair ties
Snacks! (dry things to munch on)
Charger (extra long cable if possible 😂)
Disposable wipes (if you need to freshen up, don't know how long you'll be there)
Toiletry bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, mini shampoo and soaps etc so you can freshen up post birth (I was made to take a shower after, it was so nice!)

For baby -
2x short sleeve babygro
2x long sleeved/legged babygro
Size 0 and 1 nappies (a handful)
Little hat
Cellular blanket

Trying to think of anything else but these are the things I remembered having that were actually used, hope that helps!

chernise22 · 27/05/2020 11:49

@Banaaaaaanarama1 thankyou very much! I have everything brought for baby just need to pack . But had no idea what to pack for myself, so that's very helpful! Xx

OP posts:
Kezmum14 · 27/05/2020 11:50

I’ve had mine packed for about 3 weeks (probably because I haven’t been out of the house so had plenty of time) and I’m due 11th July.

Banaaaaaanarama1 · 27/05/2020 11:59

@chernise22 no problem, happy to help ☺ yeah in the end baby will need a surprisingly small amount of things 😅 the gamechanger for me was binge watching Netflix and bouncing on a birthing ball to pass the time while my contractions were getting going but before I was allowed to have any gas and air or anything. And the toiletries bag...just little comforts from home that will make you feel more comfortable ☺ xx

Letsallscreamatthesistene · 27/05/2020 12:05

I would add a swaddle for baby. I had to stay in after the birth of my boy for 5 days recently and I wished id packed a swaddle so much!

chernise22 · 27/05/2020 12:21

@Kezmum14 I feel like that's why I'm eager to pack mine, being in lockdown there's not much to do! So think of packing it all just so it's ready! X

@Banaaaaaanarama1 to be honest I'm dreading labour. Especially in this situation we're in atm with covid 19.

OP posts:
chernise22 · 27/05/2020 12:23

@Letsallscreamatthesistene oh that's a good idea thankyou! Xx

Hope you and your little family are doing well. Could I ask how recently? Was it during this pandemic? Xx

OP posts:
LH1987 · 27/05/2020 12:26

I am just on a ward now waiting for induction. It is boiling hot, make sure you pack a mini fan!

fedupandlookingforchange · 27/05/2020 12:28

I need to pack mine soon.
Last time I didn't pack enough for the baby, I had him in the early hours by EMCS and by the time DH came back in the evening I'd used 10 baby grows and vests as he just kept being sick. I'm taking 20 this time as I'm aware if current restrictions are still in place no one will be allowed to bring me extras!
I had left the extras all clearly labelled in a drawer in plastic zip bags so all DP had to do was pick them up.

Letsallscreamatthesistene · 27/05/2020 12:29

@chernise22 yup, right at the beginning of lockdown when it all got serious. My labour and birth didnt go to plan. I had an induction as my waters broke early, then my boy and I ended up with sepsis, I had to have an emergency csection and then a 5 day stay in hospital for us. My husband was allowed in for active labour and then the csection. He had to leave after. I wasnt allowed any visitors. In all honesty, the whole experience was horrific and ive had to get therapy for anxiety because of it.

I know this isnt what you want to hear, but it was my experience.

Do you live close to the place where you're going to give birth? Id pack a little bit extra of everything in case you have to stay overnight as visiting isnt allowed, so its a bit more difficult to get extra supplies.

Hoggleludo · 27/05/2020 12:29

I had my first at 32 weeks. I didn’t have a bag packed. I wish I had!!

maryd84 · 27/05/2020 12:44

I'm due 14 Aug and I have babys bag and my bag packed.

LBB2020 · 27/05/2020 13:13

I had my first at 36 weeks and had started to get a few bits out ready for my bag, it ended up being a bit of a mad rush with DH and I grabbing random things on the way out of the house!
This time I will definitely be packing a bag sooner rather than later!

Ethellsmum · 27/05/2020 14:26

I’m going to do mine for 35 weeks. I’ve started ordering bits and popping them in the case just to keep them all together.

lastonetime · 27/05/2020 14:38

I would say lots of snacks and drinks as well as the food list above. The advice here atm is to not leave your room at our midwife led unit, and there is nothing open food wise in the food hall anyway.

While I understand the midwives recommending slow release energy snacks like nuts, My DH felt faint and I was desperate for some sugar afterwards but they had none, not even for a cuppa! So definitely on our list this time round!

lastonetime · 27/05/2020 14:39

Good* list above 🤦🏻‍♀️ looks like I might be a bit food obsessed

Kayjay2018 · 27/05/2020 14:54

I had my baby 3 weeks ago and we had to stay in 2 nights: the list already looks good, I would add:

Tens lady pant/always equivalent are great with a maternity pad added in, you don't have to worry about u your underwear and the extra padding is excellent for a few days after the birth - gives you some cushioning.

Babies can need nappy changing a lot in the first few days and my ward did not have extras so make sure you have enough (and cotton wool pads to clean them with) also so

Flip flops - it's hot in the ward so slippers were not for me, plus you can keep them on in the shower etc.

Towel - I had a shower in the delivery suite after the birth and they supplied one, but nothing in the main ward. I used a microfibre one so it dried really quickly

Normal clothes - I found it good to wash and put on normal clothes (not pjs) during the day, made me feel more like me, that might just be my preference

Dark coloured flannel - really helpful to hold over any sore bits or stitches when you need to use the toilet

Re toiletries for the shower, our antenatal class recommended femfresh shower gel as it would be gentle than normal soap on tender bits

Hope that helps and all goes well

FirstTM2020 · 27/05/2020 20:12

Hey hun, im a first timer but heres everything in my bag for myself if this helps 💕

lucozade raspberry
Diluting juice
Outfit for leaving the hospital including shoes
Flip flops for the showers
Birth nightie
Pjamas for after birth shower
House coat
Lip balm
Hair bobble
Big pants
Spritz for bitz (spray for your bits post birth)
Nipple cream
Hair brush
Paracetmol & ibuprofen
Phone charger
X2 water bottles (to make diluting juice up in as the hospital cups are the size of a piss sample)
Plastic bags (for dirty laundry)
Lactulose (drink after birth for first post birth SHIT as it is suppose to be quite traggic )

happytoday73 · 27/05/2020 20:23

First baby 36 weeks... It sat there for nearly 6 weeks.
2nd child.. Throwing things in bag when waters went at 38 weeks

Dark towel willing to bin
Cheap knickers that happy to bin.. I got through a pack of 5 and one huge nightshirt in labour... Had to send mum out for more...
Spare toothbrush...I dropped mine in a very bloody bath..(and burst into tears)
I used the refill thing you get for iron for when I went for wee. It helped.
Didn't bother with food as couldn't keep anything down..

2007Millie · 27/05/2020 20:24

Didn't pack mine until 37 weeks

2007Millie · 27/05/2020 20:25

And don't think this has been mentioned but spend a couple of £ and buy a longer iPad charging cable.
Nothing will annoy you more than not being able to charge anything whilst your in bed etc because the plug is miles behind you

New2020 · 27/05/2020 21:38

Watching this for when the time comes

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