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Waters breaking in pregnancy- pprom

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enigma25 · 26/05/2020 19:44


If you find yourself losing your waters early before 37 weeks please know that there is a non profit who sends out free information packs called Little Heartbeats

For women under 24 weeks they often get told to end their pregnancy,

You do not have to

Please source a pack, read the information before making life changing decisions

There is always 2 choices but make sure you have all the updated information and you spoken to the groups on the pages

It is important to know, if you are over 24 weeks you are expected to go to 34 weeks at least

And the risks of losing your waters is the same risks of under 24 weeks

Source antibiotics, rest up, and gain a good management plan, regular bloods, lab testing of urine (dipstick do not pick up the bugs we need to know about) uti can feel and make you feel rubbish and if not treated with the right antibiotics can lead to labour

If you decide it's not for you after receiving Litrle Heartbeats pack and having proper counselling then know that there are loss groups

Losing a baby is hard, but losing a baby without knowing that there was more hope then you were told is harder

Little Heartbeats have supported thousands of women worldwide, some babies have died but many have survived

Pprom it is always knowing that you have 2 choices and that its knowing the right time to deliver

Regardless of gestations

Hope this helps at least one person

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