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Birthday present ideas for brand new first time Mum

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EdenMill · 26/05/2020 14:54

Hi all,

First time posting on here so hope all OK.

My friend is due to give birth very close to her birthday. I'm looking for a present for her but am slightly stuck. I'd like it to be a treat for her, not for the baby, and would love to know what you would have wanted (but not known you needed) as a first time mum?

Thank you!

OP posts:
YouBringLightInToADarkPlace · 26/05/2020 14:59

A lovely posh box of makeup was an amazing gift I got. Didn't use it for a while but it was lovely to pamper myself.
A token that gives her time off- like I.o.u a hold of the baby while you shower or similar.
Chocolate always works. Clothes vouchers not v imaginative but she might have a new shape and want to dress it differently/ treat herself.
Anything to help sleep!

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