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Left side pain

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lozpants · 26/05/2020 02:36

Hi all, I'm almost 11 weeks and have started getting a sharp cramp/pain in the top left of my leg/my left pelvis. It only hurts when I walk on it and is intermittent. We had a private scan last week and everything was ok. Should I be worried or is this normal? Thanks x

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DioneTheDiabolist · 26/05/2020 02:41

Contact the NHS helpline OP. I had similar, it was a cyst that would fill and empty throughout pregnancy and needed a couple of hospital stays at the time. It was eventually removed after I had my first DC, but caused a fair bit of stress.

lozpants · 26/05/2020 09:06

@DioneTheDiabolist oh god! Thanks for your help I'll give them a call today x

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Wheezeymcleazy · 26/05/2020 10:01

I have hypermobility and it's something I've always had and didn't know until I took my daughter to physio over her falling a lot. Turns out she has hypermobility from me. And it caused no end of bother through pregnancy. The hormones kicked in early and my leg would collapse on me mid walking. I was meant to go to physio but I couldn't drive and the thought of them touching my leg made me ill. After I gave birth and there wasn't as many hormones running round my body my leg started going back to normal. It's definitely something I'd bring up as I was really annoyed at myself for not getting the crutches they suggested as they'd have helped.

lozpants · 26/05/2020 10:14

@Wheezeymcleazy thank you that's really helpful, glad yours is better now. I do have scoliosis and my left leg is longer than the other so to be honest it could be stemming from that along with all the changes my body is going through, I'll ring the midwife today and see what she says x

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DioneTheDiabolist · 26/05/2020 12:41

Hope you get sorted OP.FlowersSmile

lozpants · 26/05/2020 17:27

@DioneTheDiabolist @Wheezeymcleazy thanks both, it seems to have eased off completely now so I think I was just being a drama queen Blush we went on a long walk yesterday and I'm not the fittest of folk so probably pulled something! Blush will keep you updated if it comes back x

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