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Due date November 2020 chat

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Hollbendall · 25/05/2020 12:03

Hey mums/to-be,

Don’t know if a thread for November due dates already exists but thought I’d start one as we are all nearing the halfway mark! Just a thread to make friends, chat about our experiences and just feel a little less alone during these times.

Just to start:
I am due November 3rd with my first LO, suffering with HG but controlled by meds (thankfully), just wanting to make some friends and chat about how we are all doing during this all Smile

Excited to chat to you Star

OP posts:
Phiphi123 · 25/05/2020 13:58

Congrats Smile I’m due on 3rd Nov with my first too. The last week or so I’ve been absolutely consumed with anxiety about baby being ok- lots of worries and as soon as one solved another replaces it. Suppose this is it now for the rest of my life worrying about him!! I’m also currently obsessed with how big my nipples and boobs are haha can’t look away a bit like a car crash! Best of luck xx

Minkies13 · 25/05/2020 14:04

Hi Ladies,

I'm also due on the 3rd Nov too :)
This will be my second little girl. My first is 21 months.

I feel you about the nipples and areolas. They definitely got big with my last pregnancy but then shrunk after I stopped BF. Now they're back!
My main issue this time is that I'm up half the night peeing. I can't remember the last night I had a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

BeMorePacific · 25/05/2020 14:14

Hey, I’m due 3rd of November too!!
3.5 weeks until my anomaly scan. I’ll feel so much better once that is out of the way.
Congratulations girls xx

Pinktruffle · 25/05/2020 14:39

I'm due Nov 26th with my first and I totally feel you @Phiphi123, I'm anxious all the time especially because of a previous loss and a battle with infertility. I'm second guessing every twinge of pain and analysing every bit of discharge till I'm driving myself crazy!

I'm consciously trying to keep myself calmer and looking for distractions which is a little tough as my job is usually very full on but I'm off work due to lockdown.

Hollbendall · 25/05/2020 16:48

@Phiphi123 congratulations! I’ve also felt quite anxious, been having some abdominal pain so I’ve booked for a private scan (that are allowing my DP to come along to which is a massive bonus) so I can see all is okay with someone there for support if it’s not! How far away are you from your anomaly scan? You’re right though, guess the worrying will never stop 😂

OP posts:
Hollbendall · 25/05/2020 16:51

@Minkies13 congrats Star haha I have just started with the up all night peeing, how are you finding pregnancy with your second one? Any changes (this is my first, but hoping for more - once I’ve forgotten about the sickness enough 😂)

OP posts:
Hollbendall · 25/05/2020 16:54

@BeMorePacific good luck with your scan Star I’m having a private one in 12 days and my actual anomaly scan in 20 days, nervous but excited! Do you think you’ll find out the sex of baby?

OP posts:
Hollbendall · 25/05/2020 16:56

Congratulations @Pinktruffle - glad you’re getting a break from work, suppose it’s one of the few silver linings of all this! I’m currently doing a hypnobirthing online course and I’ve found it’s really helped ease my anxiety!

OP posts:
Taztaz890 · 25/05/2020 17:06

Hi ladies , i am due on 10th November as well 16 weeks tomorrow , my 20th scan after 4 weeks >< but i booked a private scan this sunday , i cant wait to see and hear my baby .

biscuit13 · 25/05/2020 17:14

Hey I am due 4th November, our first baby and we are so excited!
We have actually started painting the nursery this weekend!
Has anyone felt any movements yet? I havent, but I know it'll probably be a few more weeks but I cant wait.
I have felt quite anxious but hearing babys heartbeat in friday really helped to ease that and feel a lot more relaxed.
20 week scan is on the 17th... it cant come quick enough!

Hollbendall · 25/05/2020 17:31

@Taztaz890 congratulations! Nothing quite like seeing/hearing them! Are they allowing you to bring someone else in the room with you?

OP posts:
Hollbendall · 25/05/2020 17:34

Congratulations @biscuit13 ooh so exciting, are you going with a theme for the nursery? Can wait to get mine started - in the process of buying our first home (which has been delayed due to covid) hoping to get in there with enough time that I still feel in the productive stage!! I’ve felt flutters around 11pm each night, but nothing that’s clearly baby yet! Good luck with your scan, are you planning on finding out the sex or leaving it as a surprise?

OP posts:
biscuit13 · 25/05/2020 17:50

@hollbendall we have kept 3 walls white and then done the main wall a light grey and have a white cot (my family bought it for us) and we're going to have a tree design with birds and leaves blowing over the cot, and I also got some cute baby animal prints to put up on the other wall.
Oh no! Sorry to hear your moving plans are on hold, really hope everything gets moving again soon for you.
Oh really! I have felt a few bubbles popping in my lower right tummy but I don't know if its early baby movements or just wind 🙈 haha
No we're not finding out, going to have a surprise! Do you know what you're having?

wannabebump · 25/05/2020 18:03


There's a whole bunch of us due in November... we're all over here:

November 2020 Babies - Thread 6!


Minkies13 · 25/05/2020 18:45

Second time around I feel the symptoms all hit me faster. My bump is bigger this time. I've heard you feel things earlier the second time and so far that's true for me lol. But otherwise it's been smooth sailing

Pinktruffle · 25/05/2020 19:32

@Hollbendall ooo that sounds intriguing. Would you mind sharing the details? I think something like that would be good for me, give me something to focus on. I've been thinking about taking up knitting and doing a baby blanket but I'm not very skilled at most crafty stuff so probably won't be able to do it! I've been looking at beginner kits all day though

choccaramel · 25/05/2020 19:54

Hi I'm due on November 8th. Baby number 4. I honestly don't feel pregnant but certainly look it already.

CoffeeCakeCream · 25/05/2020 20:26

November 3rd for me, first baby for us. I've been lucky in terms of symptoms, except for some serious mood swings! My poor partner being stuck with only me since mid March - he doesn't know if he's coming or going!
Find out 3 weeks tomorrow what we're having and over the past few days have felt the odd movement, light poking / nudging feeling, here and there, its so addictive and I can't wait to feel the next.

Hollbendall · 26/05/2020 13:44

@biscuit13 that sounds so cute, thinking we might do something similar with the walls, can’t wait to get it and start fresh! Yeah we are going to find out next week, just felt really down about the pregnancy with the horrible symptoms and the virus so hopefully it’ll be something nice that can start to make it a bit more positive, fingers crossed

OP posts:
Hollbendall · 26/05/2020 13:47

@Minkies13 glad things are going smoothly, have you started to feel them yet then? Guessing it’s easier to be sure about what your feeling when you’ve felt it before as well!!

OP posts:
Minkies13 · 26/05/2020 13:51

Not yet. At my 12 week scan they said I had an anterior placenta. I had the same last pregnancy and didn't feel the first movements until around 19-20 weeks, so I'm not expecting it for some time.

I'm surprised at how many of us are due Nov 3rd!

Hollbendall · 26/05/2020 13:54

@Pinktruffle yeah it’s a course by the positive birthing company, talks you through everything that’s scientifically going on with you, especially towards the end/labour and what you can do now (like head and face relaxation) and then to help yourself cope, one of the things I’ve taken from it is positive affirmations, me and my partner wrote out some (they do provide suggestions) on card and decorated them and have stuck them around the house one of my favourites is “my birthing partner is by my side and on my side” feel like it helps me to not feel so alone. I’ve felt like knowing more about it I’ll be more prepared and be able to advocate for myself and my wishes in labour, but also that it’s helped me feel calmer now! Im sure there are lots of different courses, I just heard about this one from my sister (think it does cost anywhere from £20-40 depending if it’s on sale) but I’m sure there are many YouTube videos on the same topic for free

OP posts:
Hollbendall · 26/05/2020 13:56

@Minkies13 oh right, my sister had that as well and didn’t feel it for a few more weeks! I know, hopefully by the time we are all ready to go the restrictions won’t be so strict about meeting with other people, my sisters baby is 8 weeks so hasn’t been able to meet anyone yet, think I’d struggle with that

OP posts:
Hollbendall · 26/05/2020 13:58

@choccaramel congratulations! Wow number 4! That’s amazing, I think I’m the opposite, feel very pregnant, don’t massively look it (unless you look down on my stomach and it looks like an egg haha)

OP posts:
Hollbendall · 26/05/2020 14:02

@CoffeeCakeCream congratulations! Glad you’re not feeling the sickness too badly, mood swings can be a killer though, especially now, are you isolating at the minute? Heard they might start introducing bubbles of families in England in the next couple months, not sure what rules are like where you are but hoping you get some much needed space soon, my partner is still working (I’m furloughed) so I’m glad to have the daytime to myself! Apart from having to make food, getting into the fridge is impossible without feeling sick at the moment Sad

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