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Induction and anxiety

10 replies

Raindancer411 · 25/05/2020 11:14

Hi all

I have been in hospital waiting on an induction for 24hrs so far. I was ok when I first came in but now I can feel my anxiety levels increasing with the wait.

I am worried about the pain, any issues with having my waters broke and it taking to long to happen, as well as lots of other things.

Anyone able to give me a shake lol

OP posts:
FirstTM2020 · 25/05/2020 11:19

A hand to hold 🥰 I am being induced also in 3 weeks. Let us know how you get on. Remember theres no medals for no pain relief!! You can do it xx

Raindancer411 · 25/05/2020 11:25

@FirstTM2020 Thank you :) I had an epidural with my first but just a bit loathed to have one as it will mean an extended stay in x

OP posts:
SwayingInTime · 25/05/2020 11:30

Why a longer stay with an epidural? No need for that to be the case (I’m a midwife). You may not want one in the event though!

SwayingInTime · 25/05/2020 11:30

And good luck Smile

LH1987 · 25/05/2020 11:38

Hi @Raindancer411, sorry you have to wait so long, that really cant be helping! Never had an induction so cant give any advice but I am booked in for Wednesday to have one so I can empathise with the anxiety!

Could you start a really good new box set and get lost in that for a little while or when I need to kill time and am anxious I start planning my next holiday (even if it wont happen for a while), that is a nice way to spend time.

Good luck, I hope they hurry up!

Raindancer411 · 25/05/2020 11:43

Thanks both :)

@SwayingInTime They are currently trying to release people from the delivery suites than putting in to wards and I know they need to make sure your legs and bladder are working before you can go.

@LH1987 Yes been told it maybe in the next couple of hours now but may go on a holiday hunt online :) Good luck to you for yours too

OP posts:
SwayingInTime · 25/05/2020 12:57

The paperwork must be super quick at your hospital, at mine you could conceive your next child before all the discharge forms and baby checks are done, let alone have a wee! Hope you’re on the way now Smile

Raindancer411 · 25/05/2020 13:07

@SwayingInTime The lady before me is going down so hopefully not long. Oh gawd on the paperwork there 😂 I know getting out usually does take time.

OP posts:
AmICrazyorWhat2 · 25/05/2020 13:13

I was induced with my second and it all moved pretty quickly for me, he was born about two hours after the induction began.

Yes, it hurt as the contractions were strong, but I didn't have an epidural (I did with my first) and I have to say that I was feeling completely fine after a few hours.

Based on my experience, I'd recommend getting on with it, having a good yell if you need to, and it'll be over quickly!

Good luck!

EllieJai44 · 25/05/2020 13:37

I was induced with my daughter last February, started with the pessary for 24 hours and then i had my waters broken which ramped up the contractions but did nothing so I had to have the hormone drip started and got an epidural at the same time, that was at 10pm on 21st Feb, I was 2cm dilated at the time, by 3am on 22nd I was 10cm dilated and they told me I had to wait an hour before pushing because of the epidural, she was born at 4:52am on 22nd, perfectly healthy

The whole time through the epidural I could feel my legs and move them, even stood up an hour after giving birth. Had to pass enough urine to leave which I did and by 1pm still on the 22nd I was walking round Tesco buying my little girl new clothes because she was too small for the ones we had lol

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