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TTC for 4 months

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Pri1988 · 25/05/2020 10:14

Hi All,

I decided to join the treads. I’ve been ttc for 4 months now. I know it’s not been that long but I just don’t know what else I can try. At the moment I’m 7dpo had a little cramping but nothing else really. This month we’ve tried pregnicare, conceive plus, Maca powder and even tied a fertility diet if this isn’t our ninth we don’t really know what to do next took a test today was BFN if anyone has any ideas we would be great full. Grin

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MrsRose2018 · 25/05/2020 10:20


I cannot cannot can’t emphasise this enough!

The Natural Cycles App and Basal Body Temperature testing with a thermometer

We tried and tried and used the ovulation sticks and tracked my periods and my CM and nothing and then ONE month using this we got pregnant first time! We also used that conceive plus lube and I after I put my legs in the air and a pillow under my bum (I don’t believe for a second the matter helped us conceive but every little helps eh?? 😂)

It’s used by some (not recommended though) as a contraceptive measure but honestly if you need to be BANG ON with DTD like I do this is for you!

I’ll be using it whenever we want to try again!!

Clemmie83 · 25/05/2020 10:22

Please don't stress, 4 months is nothing! Putting stress and pressure on yourself only makes the situation more difficult. It took me 15 months...

BlueGreenYellowRed · 25/05/2020 10:23

Was your fertility diet a low sugar one? That's what worked for us in the end, we were inspired by this study:

Pri1988 · 25/05/2020 10:25

Hi thank you for your post,

I’ve been tracking with the clear blue ovulation test and this month after reading positive reviews decided to use the concieve plus fertility lube tubes but that’s this month only and I’m 7dpo do fingers crossed but no symptoms as of yet Confused

OP posts:
Pri1988 · 25/05/2020 10:26

Hi thank you for your post,

I’ve been tracking with the clear blue ovulation test and this month after reading positive reviews decided to use the concieve plus fertility lube tubes but that’s this month only and I’m 7dpo do fingers crossed but no symptoms as of yet confused

OP posts:
Pri1988 · 25/05/2020 10:27

Sorry keeps replying to the wrong comment I have cut out some sugar but thank you for the post will defiantly read.

OP posts:
MrsRose2018 · 25/05/2020 10:29


MrsRose2018 · 25/05/2020 10:32

OP those clear blue ovulation tests cost a FORTUNE! You would be better off just getting the dip sticks from amazon! You get like 30 for a fiver!

I used those in conjunction with the “Flo” period tracking app and then nothing for months but honestly hit the mark first time with the thermometer and natural cycles app

MrsRose2018 · 25/05/2020 10:33

Just to add you use the ovulation dip sticks in conjunction with everything else with the NC app x

BertieBotts · 25/05/2020 10:34

7dpo is too early to test :) 10dpo is the absolute earliest and 13dpo+ is much more reliable.

You don't need the lube unless you're replacing ordinary lube. Your natural "juices" do exactly the same job, it's just that introducing anything different into there (saliva, ordinary lube) can have a slightly negative effect - kills some sperm - so if you're going to use anything for extra lubrication, fertility specific lube is better. But it's not a magic potion. Fertility diets/supplements can help but take a few months to take effect. It's quicker and more effective for the man.

I ran a load of simulations (because I love data...) and it's most common to conceive on month 4 or 5, so don't panic. Almost everybody gets pregnant within 8 months, not counting any missed fertile weeks etc. That's why they tell you to try for a year before seeking help/investigations. The 8ish months for ordinary conception, then a couple extra in case you're just unlucky, then a couple more to account for the month you were ill/tired/arguing/had unusual ovulation timing/one of you was away.

If you get the timing right you have about a 20% chance of conceiving per cycle, that's 1 in 5. If you think of all the times you've played a game where you have to roll a dice and get a 6, and some people just seem to get sixes constantly in a row whereas some games you'll get everything but? It's exactly the same for conception. You just haven't rolled your 6 yet. But if you keep rolling for long enough you most likely will. If you try for 12 months (or 6 if one of you is over 35) and have no luck then it's worth investigating to see if you have an "unbalanced dice" ie one or both of you have issues preventing conception.

BertieBotts · 25/05/2020 10:41

But essentially, you don't have to do anything special, just shag! Yes it helps if you know when ovulation is, although most of the time you'll hit that window by accident without trying anything special, and you only need to have sex once within the fertile period for it to be a successfully timed month. If you have a low sex drive and tend to regularly go a week or more without sex (period excepted) then defo track it, otherwise your hormones will likely do the job for you (you feel more horny around ovulation and tend to look/smell sexier to your partner). But not getting pregnant on a particular month doesn't mean you've done anything wrong. You're more likely to not get pregnant than to get pregnant - 80/20 chance. Mainly it's a matter of time and multiple attempts. :)

Superscientist · 25/05/2020 10:41

I think it varies depending on the pill, but my GP said it might take 3 months for my body to be back to normal and ready to conceive after coming off the mini pill.
I read somewhere that on average 10% of people not taking precautions will get pregnant each month. Even doing everything "right" it might not be instantaneous, don't give up.

I stopped the pill in August, I used a cycle tracking app to figure out my cycle having not had periods for 8 years because of contraception. It took about 3 months to get a good idea of my cycle. My plan was to start being more proactive in trying the following month but I got positive test in the meantime.

Pri1988 · 25/05/2020 10:46

@beriebotts thank you for you reply this has really reassured me. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how long it actually takes reading reviews about all these things working for couples really made me think it was me with the issue but your post had really made me really better thank you Grin

OP posts:
Pri1988 · 25/05/2020 10:48

@MrsRose2018 your correct the clear blue tests are really expensive this month I was definitely thinking of the cheaper tests.

OP posts:
Mucklowe · 25/05/2020 11:13

You really need to calm down and be patient. Four months is nothing in the grand scheme of things! Just keep shagging and stop worrying.

Loz1093 · 25/05/2020 11:50

I was very stressed after 9 months or so of trying, I tried the pregnicare BUT this made my cycle all over the place. I know everyone is different but I was taking that for about 4 months and I think it made my ovulation day completely wrong. I then ordered conceive plus after 2 months off of pregnicare but I didn't get the chance to try it (yay) as I finally got my BFP. I know those past four months will have been very stressful for you as I've been there. Easier said than done I know, but just try to let it get to you, your time will come! Thanks

Pri1988 · 25/05/2020 12:12

@Loz1093 thank you for your messages and so happy it happened for you without the conceive plus I’m sure my time will come just have to be patient even though it’s hard!

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 25/05/2020 12:53

I think we are told so much that ANY slip up in contraception or unprotected sex has a chance of pregnancy that we start to believe pregnancy is pretty much inevitable the moment you throw the pills away! Sadly not, although if you keep going you are likely to get there eventually. Don't fret! :)

Pri1988 · 25/05/2020 13:19

@bertieBotts that’s so true thank you for comments Star

OP posts:
viques · 25/05/2020 13:19

OP! Reading your opening post and updates it strikes me that you are focussed very much on your fertility. Just to remind you that it takes two to tango. Don't take all the responsibility for not conceiving on yourself.

Make sure your partner is also doing his bit to improve the quality and mobility of his sperm. A good diet, vitamin supplements, a healthy lifestyle, keeping his balls cool, not wearing tight underwear etc. Remember that while the quantity and quality of your eggs is fixed he is still producing sperm and needs to make sure his wrigglers are up to the job. Grin

Pri1988 · 25/05/2020 14:09

@viques this is so true to be honest his been taking the supplement and eating healthier but I do need to look into that’s bit more was just making sure I was ok mainly! Grin

OP posts:
zscaler · 25/05/2020 14:12

This is very normal! It can take up to a year, even for couples who have no fertility woes and who do go on to fall pregnant naturally. At this stage you don’t need to be doing anything except having sex every 2-3 days throughout the month.

You can keep a rough track of your cycle using an app like Flo, but even then it basically just gives you a window. You will achieve the same result with regular sex.

Pri1988 · 25/05/2020 14:44

@zscaler thank you so much I really do think I’ve been over thinking!

OP posts:
RLou3 · 25/08/2020 20:31

Hi @Pri1988

I have just come across your thread. I’m wondering how you’re getting on? I’m just about to start ttc... I found this thread very interesting xxx

Pri1988 · 25/08/2020 22:11

Hi RLou3

I’m now pregnant I conceived after 6 months of trying. I’m now 3months into my pregnancy. I found the concieve plus to be very helpful worked the 2nd month of using it. I’m sure you’ll do very well fingers crossed Smile

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