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If I went into labour early with previous pregnancy is it likely I will again?

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em90792 · 24/05/2020 23:13

I went into labour early with my last pregnancy (3rd) before I was due to have a section at 39weeks. It was only about 4 days before I was due to go in but still earlier than planned none the less.

Is it likely to happen again or should I be ok this time? My other 2 pregnancies were ok, late with first by few days and section at 39 weeks with second.

Its panicking me with the whole current situation and childcare is a bit of a nightmare due to it so I and putting all plans in place to ensure no panicking last minute.

Hoping someone can give their experiences 🤞

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MyOtherProfile · 24/05/2020 23:16

No. 4 days earlier than 39 weeks isn't significantly early but it doesn't really have any bearing on subsequent children.

You will of course now be flooded with anecdotal responses but in every anecdote remember it's a sample of 1. My DH does research that has encompassed this topic looking at a large sample.

PippinStar · 24/05/2020 23:28

I went into slow labour with DS at 36 weeks and had him at 37. My obstetrician says if you tend to go early, then you go early. But not sure that a few days shy of 39 weeks would be classed as early?

Also, your family history plays a role - my mother always went quite early (earlier than I did).

SeaShells31 · 24/05/2020 23:32

My sister had her first 4 days early. Her second baby was due on 18th December so we all thought she would definitely have him early or at least before Christmas. He arrived 10 days late on the 28th!

sel2223 · 24/05/2020 23:38

My mother has 4 kids:

The first was 13 days early, the 2nd was 7 days early, the 3rd was 6 days late and the 4th was born on their due date. Not sure there is any pattern to it (there certainly wasn't with her)

em90792 · 25/05/2020 08:35

Well that's all reassuring. Thank you

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