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Why can I not accept the results?

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Lanab2 · 22/05/2020 19:43

I’ve taken about 5 pregnancy tests - all negative, but prior to taking all 5, I believe I received a faint Positive.

Why can I not accept that I’m not pregnant, I really don’t want to be, but it’s stuck in my head that I could be or ive just had 5 false negatives.

I can’t understand why I feel this way

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pottypotamus · 22/05/2020 20:49

Are the tests you've taken with FMU and when is your AF due? Could be you're just testing too early for a line to show.

FireflyGirl · 22/05/2020 23:14

How long between your positive and the other tests?

If you've taken them over the course of 6 days, it's much more likely you're not pregnant than if you've taken them all today.

Lanab2 · 23/05/2020 20:00

I’ve taken them all over a period of about 2/3 weeks. I don’t get a period either because I’ve recently started the mini pill

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