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Holding out for some hope 🤞

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NannyGR · 22/05/2020 15:17

Hi everyone, I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant and have been bleeding for a week now, pink/red always there when I wipe but not filling a pad. I had a scan on tuesday and they couldnt see anything so said it was a pregnancy of unknown location and did my bloods which were 864 so that explained why they couldnt see anything on the scan, maybe I was a little earlier than I thought! Repeat bloods on thursday and my levels went up by 75% which apparently is great and pointing towards a normal pregnancy, re scan on friday to see what we find. I guess I'm just looking for a hand hold and whether anyone else has been through this and had a positive outcome? Just wish the bleeding would stop so I could relax a bit as my mind is on overdrive!

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Applesandlemons · 24/05/2020 01:07

Hope everything went well on Friday for you x

NannyGR · 24/05/2020 07:29

Hi @Applesandlemons thanks for your reply, my scan is this coming friday so still a few more days in limbo!

OP posts:
Picoloangel · 24/05/2020 07:36

Hi Nanny

I know so many women who have had bleeding in early pregnancy, particularly light bleeding. The best indicator of a positive outcome is increasing levels of the pregnancy hormone (the name of it escapes me sorry!). It’s v v encouraging that yours is going up. Smile Mu understanding is that scans pre 6 weeks are too early for much to be seen so I’m sure that’s all that’s going on. Good luck on Friday. 🤞

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