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Weight loss during pregnancy

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babynoname23 · 21/05/2020 10:20

Has anyone tried to lose weight whilst pregnant? I'm not seeing my midwife for another two weeks so thought I'd ask in here.

When I got pregnant I was about half a stone heavier than I normally would be and now at 27 weeks I have put on two stone already and I'm thinking if it carries on like this I could end up four stone heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight Sad

I have been eating more and exercising less as I'm on furlough and not really doing anything. I'm not planning on doing any mad diets just starting to eat healthier and exercise more and hopefully lose about half a stone of the excess and avoid putting more on? As I don't think it can all be pregnancy related

I have three pregnant friends/colleagues who are all still tiny which is making me feel worse about being bigger than normal!

OP posts:
sleepismysuperpower1 · 21/05/2020 10:46

there is lots of info on the NHS website here about exercising when pregnant, and you can watch some videos . The advice is not to diet whilst pregnant. You can get some healthy recipes in the free recipe book provided if you sign up here to Aptaclub. all the best and congratulations!

jlr1986 · 21/05/2020 11:32

I followed weight watchers when pregnant with my first, and I am still doing now (only just found out I am pregnant again), however I know this isnt advised! It just makes me think about what i am eating and trying to stay healthy 😊 I'm not overly strict and I never restrict myself! However 2 stones isnt bad for 27 weeks! And you will probably find you dont put much on now until birth (and you will loose it all when baby arrives), so dont worry too much!

babynoname23 · 22/05/2020 18:21

Video is really helpful thanks!

Oh I have tried slimming world before, I'll maybe have another go and just try and be more aware of what I'm eating

OP posts:
ZsaZsaMc · 22/05/2020 18:33

Some people just put on loads of weight - I put on more than 4stone and I’m 5ft4 so was fairly significant. It might just be unavoidable and that’s just what your body does.

I lost the weight afterwards without trying over a year.

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