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Confused about pregnancy feelings

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2andmaybe1ontheway · 20/05/2020 00:10

I am writing this here because I'm totally ashamed to talk to anyone else about how I'm feeling.
I have 2 children and have just found out I'm pregnant and I'm not excited at all. although I have spoken about maybe having another one for my youngest as there is a big age gap between my 2 I was never decided and this just sort of happened.
My partner is not supportive and very dismissive of any feelings I have on any topic whatsoever so talking to him is proving tricky, were also not at a great point in our relationship which is another worry about having another baby, especially as he does not help me with current children, or around the house etc.
I cant shake the feeling that this just isn't right and don't know what to do or say to make myself better about the situation I am inevitably now in.
It doesn't help that my partner has decided to tell various members of our friends and family (8ncluding our children) against my wishes, which makes me feel backed into a corner to keep the baby, even though it's making me feel really down.
Has anyone had these feelings or this situation before and managed to change to positive thinking?
Thanks and sorry for the long message

OP posts:
faithfulbird · 20/05/2020 00:46

Hi there are aspects to your situation that I felt when I got pregnant with my second child. Omg what have I done? He doesn't help me what will I do,I'm going to be all alone etc etc doubted myself again and again. Then one day I started bleeding and obviously you know what happened next....I miscarried at 6 weeks. Hubby's gotten over it even though he was dead excited but I wish I never had those thoughts and was more positive. I'd be happily punished 100 times to have my baby alive in my stomach. But....obviously can't. That's just my experience

I honestly feel for seem stressed...maybe do things for yourself (relax etc) so you're happy. Maybe ask hubby to help out more in a few days...but for now have some alone time to think about what you really want....he shouldn't have told people if you didn't want him too...

Your hormones can affect the way you're feeling too plus you must be dead tired...I know I was... I just wanted to give's hard when partners don't help... you need to sit him down and tell him how you's not fair on you...

I remember yelling at mine...then apologising later and I told him I needed help because I have pain all over and felt constantly tired....he soon pulled his weight and helped me...

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