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Having a baby in a pandemic

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doji789 · 19/05/2020 20:22

I've just found out I'm pregnant (very early stages).
Both me and Dad are so happy and excited but I can't help feel worried. We have a 2 year old and we always planned to have one more and for us the age gap will be perfect.
We have a very loving home, healthy, happy relationship and another addition will be a blessing. I just can't help feel I'm going to be judged by family and friends for being 'careless' having a baby during the current circumstances.
We're very lucky to be financially stable with a big home indoors and outdoors.
My mum has mentioned to me several times not to think about having another baby until we know what's going on in the world which has set me into panic mode. She was one of the first people I told when I fell pregnant with my first and now I'm petrified to tell her.

Are there any others in a similar position or am the only one crazy enough to have a baby in a pandemic?!

OP posts:
sel2223 · 19/05/2020 21:11

None of us know how things are going to be in a month or 2 let alone in 8/9 months time when you will be having your little one. You can't put your life on hold indefinitely!


sarahc336 · 19/05/2020 21:25

I can't see how people can judge us, we can't put our lives on hold as we literally don't know how long the pandemic will go on for. I agree it's not ideal, I found out I was pregnant then a week later found myself in lock down, not what I'd have wanted but it's life at the min. Plus if anyone does judge you for having another child in a happy relationship and home are they worth your time spent worrying over them? Probably not, happy pregnancy xx

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