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pregnancy test

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LouLou315034 · 18/05/2020 18:30

Hi everyone, I did a pregnancy test (asdas own test) on Wednesday and got a faint positive, so I then did a digital clear blue test and it said 1-2 weeks, as I'm a worrier and couldn't quite believe it I then did another 2 cheap tests on Thursday which again we're faint positives, so I still felt abit disheartened and decided to wait to do more so I've just done another 2 clear blue (not digital) today which were alot clearer positive results, but after a few hours the lines have faded significantly, I've had 2 other children and I don't remember the tests fading like that, I've convinced myself it's a chemical pregnancy or something isn't right I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance or similar stories that have ended with a healthy pregnancy

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Mummyspider27 · 18/05/2020 18:57

I think if testing regularly you need to use the same brand every time, because then you can compare the lines. All the different tests show different strength lines so make it very hard to compare. Try not to worry, and take your positives as a good thing xx

LouLou315034 · 18/05/2020 19:00

Thankyou for replying ๐Ÿ˜Š I took the positive tests today as a good thing and felt so much relief at first as they were really visible it's now the fact they've disappeared to practically a negative, I didn't think they disappeared like that xx

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Mummyspider27 · 18/05/2020 20:46

I have never heard of that before, that is a strange one xx

H8624 · 18/05/2020 21:33

They're only valid for up to like 10 mins (it'll say on the packet).

Long as the line shows up within the time frame don't worry! And no need to keep checking as it'll change or could fade as it dries.


LouLou315034 · 18/05/2020 21:48

Thankyou! ๐Ÿ˜Š I've binned them now because I kept looking at them and getting myself in a state, I've got pictures of the clear positive I'm just going to try and relax and hope everything is ok xx

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