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Gender guesses

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teaandtantrums90 · 18/05/2020 09:20

Hi guys. I didn't get very clear scan pics this is the best one we managed to get at 13 weeks exactly. What sex do we think?

Gender guesses
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teaandtantrums90 · 23/05/2020 15:43

Bump x

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sarahc336 · 23/05/2020 15:57

Personally I'd say boy x

Rainbowm · 23/05/2020 23:36

@teaandtantrums90 congratulations on your pregnancy, I would say a boy as the nub appears to be pointing upwards 💙

stairgates · 23/05/2020 23:41

Can you post the other pics aswell just incase they have a little hidden detail :)

ElectricTonight · 23/05/2020 23:43

Baby boy

teaandtantrums90 · 24/05/2020 15:00

Hey @stairgates here's another xx

Gender guesses
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stairgates · 24/05/2020 20:53

Thankyou :) Im going to lean boy aswell for you but baby is doing a great job of keeping their secret so not confidentGrin

teaandtantrums90 · 25/05/2020 09:43

Haha thank you @stairgates little devil x

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