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Movements in second pregnancy

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sarahc336 · 18/05/2020 07:33

Ok I feel mad even posting this but last night at 13+6 days I'm sure I felt the baby move, it was the classic tickly feeling I had with my first but surely it's very early? I did feel my first at around 17 weeks which I guess for a first pregnancy is earlier on and at the scan my placenta was confirmed to be right at the back which I know would lead to me feeling them a bit earlier. Just wondering am I mad or has anyone felt movements this early in a second or third etc pregnancy x

OP posts:
Mo81 · 18/05/2020 08:14

Its not impossible hun i felt my 4th from about 14 weeks midwife told me the more you have the earlier you can feel them because you reconise them xx

lockdownpregnancy · 18/05/2020 08:35

I've been feeling flutters since 13 weeks OP so not out of the ordinary at all.
I've been getting proper kicks and movements now from 17 weeks and I'm a FTM.
Baby has big strong legs just like his Daddy which is probably why I can feel as much as I can 😂
It's so lovely that you're feeling flutters so early! 🥰🥰

sarahc336 · 18/05/2020 09:29

I've not felt any since and not really expecting to, probably just caught it at the right angle but as others have felt them so early I feel a little less mad now Grin thanks x

OP posts:
TenThousandSpoons0 · 18/05/2020 10:25

I felt a wee flutter at just under 12 weeks this time - sexond pregnancy. By 14 weeks very clear and frequent movements :)

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