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Single or Tandem buggy

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essexanon · 17/05/2020 13:38

Hey guys.

Baby boy is due Aug this year and I plan on having another within 2 years.

I’m torn between the Cybex Priam and the Egg.
I love the Cybex Priam but it doesn’t covert into a double.
I only like The Egg but it converts into a Tandem.

Do I buy the Egg on the basis I do have Baby no.2 within 2 years so it’ll be handy?

Or do I buy for what I love now, the Cybex Priam and work it out later when baby no.2 comes along.

P.s- I drive, don’t walk a lot so buggy will mainly be used for days out and shopping trips into town once a week.


OP posts:
starpatch · 17/05/2020 15:57

Well its a lot to spend to then need another one later!

crazychemist · 17/05/2020 19:33

I’d be tempted to say work it out later. My DD rarely used her buggy from 18 months onwards, unless my DMum was trying to get her to sleep. She wanted to be on the go all the time so we had reins for her, or sometimes she’d go in a carrier on DH’s back. She just never wanted to be strapped in.

Minkies13 · 17/05/2020 19:38

I bought the bugaboo bee without putting too much thought into the second. Now I'm pregnant again I wish I'd gone for one which would convert into a tandem to start with

motherofsnortpigs · 17/05/2020 19:43

Buy what you love. You can get a buggy board specifically for the Cybex Priam. Our DDs are 18m apart and the big one was great at riding on a board. And as others have said, you can use a sling for one and push the other.

Temple29 · 17/05/2020 19:52

I debated this when pregnant with DS1 and went with a single Cybex travel system too. Currently 23 weeks pregnant with DS2 and glad I didn’t bother with the tandem option. Honestly I don’t think I could manage the weight of a tandem and I’m quite short anyway.

My plan is to use the Cybex pram for DS2 when he arrives with a buggy board for DS1 or else DS1 can go in the buggy and DS2 in a sling. When my DH is with us we’ll take a buggy each because we already have a Joie buggy too.

There will be 17 months between my two.

essexanon · 17/05/2020 20:43

Thanks all! I love the Cybex and this is my top pic but I went with the egg initially because it turns into a tandem, however I have read since that most babies grow out of the Egg by 18 months-2years so would be a bit useless for a tandem as we plan on having baby no.2 once DS1 is 2.

So I’ve gone for the Cybex Priam- and if we have to think about a double/tandem at the time then we will, but we will look at ideas
Of slings/buggy boards first.

We might not even be so lucky to conceive when we want so for now, I’ve gone for the Buggy I love the most. Grin

OP posts:
Hannah9176 · 18/05/2020 14:38

I've got an icandy that converts into a tandem, I absolutely love it and it was just a nice extra that it could become a tandem if needed. Fell pregnant with baby No2 when DD was just 5 month so will both need to be in there I imagine, although will definitely look into a buggy board when she's a bit older. However converter pack to make the pram a double is £300 and will be another £175 when they are both in the upright seat! So get what you want and worry later as it will still cost a fortune to convert the pram you don't like as much into a tandem!

essexanon · 18/05/2020 19:21

@Hannah9176 exactly. The cost I would have to spend converting the Egg to a tandem, I could buy another buggy.

I’ve gone for the Priam. I just love it and love how roomy it is.

If baby no.2 comes along, I will pick up a 2nd hand tandem or cheap double but will try a buggy board first.

I’d still keep the Priam for when baby no.1 isn’t dependant on a buggy at all but baby no.2 is.


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