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SPD advice?

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Duesept20 · 15/05/2020 21:33

Hi everyone! Wondering if someone can advise?

From 14-17 weeks I had bad hip pain and spoke to a midwife who said it sounded like SPD. At the same time I had a weird patch of skin on my thigh that burned badly when I touched it lightly, but also felt numb. But at 19 weeks it all went away?! I thought maybe baby was pressing on a nerve and my womb had moved?

Well, in the last couple of days I've had hip pain again out of nowhere. I'm now nearly 22 weeks. The pain in my hip is agonising. I've tried a warm bath and that's not helped at all. Sitting hurts, lying down hurts, walking hurts (but weirdly less than lying down). The pain feels tight around my hip bone and is radiating down my leg. But only on my right side. My left side is absolutely fine.

Im now thinking that it is SPD and not the uterus sitting on a nerve as I thought. But I didnt think it was normal to get a gap in symptoms with SPD? Anyone with more experience of SPD able to tell me if its normal to get it down one side, and for symptoms to come and go?

I dont know whether I need to be concerned and phone a midwife, or just deal with it and let it run its course and assume it is SPD?


OP posts:
hoping2018 · 15/05/2020 21:44

SPD doesn't usually radiate (as far as I know)

Pain going down the leg into clad sounds like sciatica?! Have a chat to your GP?

hoping2018 · 15/05/2020 21:44

Calf not clad!

Gemma0711 · 15/05/2020 22:04

@hoping2018 ahhh I didn't think of sciatica 🤔 that's a good point, thank you. Perhaps I'll try and ring a GP on Monday if it gets no better. Its agony at the moment 😕

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