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watery yellow discharge 9 weeks pregnant

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nattynoo85 · 15/05/2020 13:37


Desperate for some reassurance!

I’m 9 weeks today and last night and this morning have had watery yellow discharge. Yesterday I felt a small gush, which seemed to be the watery yellow discharge. I had the same a week or so ago but it stopped. I’m worried it’s amniotic fluid after having googled a lot! The only other thing that worries me is that my tummy feels sore when I move about.

Please can you let me know if you have had anything similar?

Many thanks,


OP posts:
whatsgoingon22 · 01/12/2020 21:01

Hi @nattynoo85
Hope you’re okay; what happened in the end? I’ve had something similar today :S x

Washo12 · 05/03/2021 17:15

I have had this too, but mine is very very dark yellow, what was your outcome was everything okay?

Cafeaulait27 · 05/03/2021 17:22

I have had yellow discharge on and off, and sometimes felt watery stuff coming out but I thought this was just normal increased pregnancy discharge. I’m 9 weeks xxx

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