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How far on?

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Iknitknickknacks · 14/05/2020 20:52

Has anyone any thoughts about this?

My oldest daughter gave birth on New Years Day - her son was three weeks early. She also has a daughter who is almost 4 who was born two weeks early.

She is still exclusively breastfeeding. Three weeks ago she dreamt she was pregnant. The following day she bought a test which said 2-3 weeks. So she assumed she was 4-5 weeks pregnant. Which was a huge shock. She hasn't had a period since she had her baby but has bled erratically for a few days on and off since his birth. So this Friday she'd be about 8 weeks.

Last week she thought she could feel the baby moving. Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday this week she could feel movements several times in the day. Today she said the baby is flipping all over the place quite strongly and it is unmistakably baby movements.

Her booking appointment was Monday over the telephone. She mentioned that she could feel movements. The midwife said to go off the 2-3 weeks result from the pregnancy test so that she's 8 weeks on Friday.

Could she be further on if she can feel regular movements?

Would she miss the 'window' for the 12 week scan?

OP posts:
daisydaisydoodle · 14/05/2020 21:03

Hcg actually starts to decline between 8 -11 weeks of pregnancy so it's very possible she is further along than she originally though. The other thing that sometimes happen is if hcg levels are very high tests don't pick it up so well so you would get fainter lines or a digital may show earlier weeks. She should insist on an earlier scan

Iknitknickknacks · 14/05/2020 21:38

Ah - didn't know that Daisy

So she could've missed that 12wk scan 'window' already?

OP posts:
daisydaisydoodle · 14/05/2020 21:48

If she's further along then yes but hospital will still scan her. They wouldn't be able to do some of the tests though but will be able to look at other markets for anomalies

TenThousandSpoons0 · 15/05/2020 09:57

I think she should call them back - the midwife shouldn’t be using the 2-3 week indicator to date the pregnancy, that’s actually ridiculous. As pp mentioned, hcg can plateau and go down again, and those tests are notoriously inaccurate anyway. With no clear periods and a baby only 4 months ago, there’s really no clue how far along she is, other than not more than 17 weeks (based on delivery date of her son). She needs a dating scan, not in four weeks time, it should be organised as soon as practical (not urgent but I would expect within a week or so). GP should be able to help with this as an alternative.
A caution - movements is a funny thing and may or may not be a “real” feeling; and it’s entirely possible for hcg to remain high for many months after delivery, for a variety of reasons.
Full disclosure - I am not in the UK and I’m aware from posts on here that there is a bizarre inability to access dating scans in the UK - but I would have thought this is a circumstance that clearly needs one, and no one here would bat an eyelid at requesting or performing this scan.

BeingATwatItsABingThing · 15/05/2020 10:01

I would be paying for a private scan at this point. Lots of them are still available at the minute.

I would be very surprised if she could feel anything now. I’m 21+6 now and have been feeling movement since about 18 weeks and this is baby number two. I have had phantom movements whilst definitely not pregnant after having DD.

TenThousandSpoons0 · 15/05/2020 10:10
  • should have said access issue re funded scan - she shouldn’t have to pay privately but agree if need be then do that.
Iknitknickknacks · 15/05/2020 13:57

Thanks for input.

She has been feeling 'movements' since last week.

We have laughed/joked about phantom movements and phantoms in general Wink but it's her third pregnancy and she's said "Mum - I know the difference between wind and baby movements. This baby is flipping about all over the place. ". She's offended that we've doubted her. (And possibly offended because we've questioned her and laughed so much in incredulity. Confused)

She says that she insisted that she could definitely feel movements when she had her booking in appointment on Monday with the midwife she was seeing last year. She daren't ring her back to ask for a dating scan in case the midwife will feel contradicted.

She's booked a private dating scan for next Wednesday.

She dreamt the birth dates of her first two children - which were correct both times. The second time her midwife wrote down the dreamt up date as she couldn't believe it happened with her first pregnancy.

Then she dreamed about this pregnancy without having had any inkling.

She's also had dreams about other things that have come true - minor every day stuff which you could put down to well informed guesses/coincidence. She's mentions deja vu many times but we tend not to take these revelations seriously. She could be just intuitive.

But she'll find out soon - two babies in the same year - 2020!

OP posts:
BeingATwatItsABingThing · 15/05/2020 15:11

How far along does your DD think she is? Surely she must have some idea based on when they DTD and these ‘movements’. When I started feeling movements, I could also feel my uterus much higher up when I was led down.

Iknitknickknacks · 15/05/2020 16:20

She was going off the 2-3 wks result from the pregnancy test. This is what the Midwife has gone off - midwife says she's 8 wks today going off the 2 wks pregnant result and calculating the lmp two weeks prior to that.

My daughter has bled for odd days since she gave birth but hasn't had a period. Her baby is 19 wks.

She can't remember when she last dtd as she insists she's not had inclination for a few months because her baby is so unsettled during the night due to his face swelling intermittently. This was happening before the lockdown - she eventually got the GP (who has refused to see her baby after the initial consultation ) to send before and after photos/video of her baby's face to a paediatrician who said no idea, not serious as it's coming and going - give ibuprofen and you'll get an appointment after lockdown. (Been happening since his 8 wk jabs. )

She had the six week check? at the same time as her baby's 8 wk jabs and we talked about how many women turn up to the post natal check already pregnant. Shock She was advised to book an appointment with the nurse to discuss contraception which was cancelled as the appointment was at the beginning of the lockdown - 27/3.

She's been exhausted for about three months due to disruption in the night. Unless exhaustion is indicating how pregnant she is?

She hasn't got a date for her 12wk NHS scan but it won't be within the next 4 wks - so she has booked a private scan.

I will update when we find out on Wednesday. Confused

OP posts:
BeingATwatItsABingThing · 15/05/2020 16:23

Surely she knows herself that she wouldn’t be feeling movements at 8 weeks.

Bienentrinkwasser · 15/05/2020 19:20

Her midwife really should have ordered a dating scan based on the fact she hasn’t had a proper period yet if nothing else!

Realistically the earliest she would feel movements is about 13 weeks I would say. Although I did have some VERY convincing phantom movements when mine was 3-6 months and apparently they are very common in women who have had babies previously.

Iknitknickknacks · 15/05/2020 20:42

She felt movements at 16 wks with her first pregnancy and at 12/13 wks with her second. Both babies were delivered early due to her waters breaking - her waters being more likely to break earlier due to a connective tissue disorder.
The midwife told her after her last birth that if she had another baby she would have to get to hospital quick after her waters break as she was less than two hours after her waters went last time.

What with everyone doubting that she can feel movements she's asked me if it's all in her head? She said am I going mad? She did a straightforward test which was just lines which indicated a very dark positive line immediately- no waiting. Then two of the ones which indicate the number of weeks.

Just had another message - Mum this baby is doing somersaults Confused

Well - we'll know Wednesday.

OP posts:
BeingATwatItsABingThing · 15/05/2020 20:46

Can anyone else feel the movements? Can she see them? My stomach physically moves when my baby is moving lots.

Bienentrinkwasser · 21/05/2020 07:49

@Iknitknickknacks Any news?

Iknitknickknacks · 21/05/2020 08:42

She's 12 wks 6 days - which means she's been feeling movements from about 10/11 weeks. (She said she was feeling movements before her 12 wk scan with her last pregnancy.)

She's rung her midwife who's ringing her back today.

Due end November (27th) but possibly earlier as her first was two weeks early and second three weeks early (fast labours) which they've put down to her Ehlers Danlos (diagnosed after first baby - which explained loads).

So babies will be 10ish months apart. (Last baby was New Year's Day)

She's feeling a mixture of relief (she was imagining twins because of amount of movement she's had) and terror - how will I cope?

But she's a fabulous mum - her eldest is a joy and younger one is a thriving laid back little character. Both such happy children.

OP posts:
TenThousandSpoons0 · 21/05/2020 08:51

Congratulations :) sounds like she is very well supported as well

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