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Harvesting colostrum

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cookielove · 14/05/2020 18:50

So i am 38 +2 and i have gd, i have been advised to harvest colostrum in preparation of little ones arrival.

It was going ok, get averagely 0.4/0
6 across 3 sessions and day

The last two days absolutely nothing has come out! I am trying not to stress! And just try and then stop when nothing appears.

Is this normal! To get nothing??.

Should i be worried?


OP posts:
Delbelleber · 14/05/2020 19:24

Try a different time of day. After tea worked best for me. Took me an hour each time and i got about 2ml/less. Sometimes took an age to get a tiny drop and sometimes nothing but what I did collect has been great so far. Had my baby today and he's had 6ml of it so far from 3 syringes.

LaurenSarah22 · 14/05/2020 19:29

I harvested mine but then threw it away and when it was defrosted it was really slimy and I wasnt keen on my baby to have it. So I pumped and expressed loads for her anyway

cookielove · 14/05/2020 19:39

But to stop getting anything at all after previously getting some in the past?

OP posts:
Lazydaisydaydream · 14/05/2020 19:41

are you well hydrated? I found after a bath was best as well as was nice and warm and relaxed. I wouldn't worry about it not being consistent.

cookielove · 14/05/2020 19:54

I had my best results after a shower. That was a full 1ml and i had been out all morning and hadn't eaten lol. Being in the bedroom to may have helped! As i was more comfy!

Got a heat pad on boobs now!

OP posts:
IvinghoeBeacon · 14/05/2020 20:00

LaurenSarah22 the hope is that you will be able to throw it away because you don’t need it! It’s a backup.

OP I know some women have great success expressing whilst actually in the bath

cookielove · 14/05/2020 20:00

Oh in the bath? Interesting idea! Will give it a go, thank you

OP posts:
Delbelleber · 14/05/2020 20:45

I watched videos on you tube about feeding babies and watched episodes of one born every minute just to help set the mood.
I didn't always get anything and sometimes it would take ages.

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