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Third trimester headaches

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Kezmum14 · 14/05/2020 12:55

I’ve been suffering with headaches since 25 weeks, at 28 weeks they seem to have got worse. I mentioned it to the doctor when I went for an appointment and he said it was normal. I have to take pain relief at least twice a day (unheard of for me before pregnancy). I’m 32 weeks, get headaches multiple times a day and they really hurt (I’m a bit of a wimp with pain so they might not be that bad but to me they are) when does this become not normal or is this just part of pregnancy? I don’t want to contact my midwife for no reason especially when the doctor has said it’s normal. I have an appointment next week so could wait until then as I don’t have any other symptoms or problems that I’m aware of but could daily headaches be a sign something is wrong?

OP posts:
Starrr123 · 30/05/2021 22:09

@Kezmum14 hey!! Im currently going through the same! What helped yours? Xx

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