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31 Weeks

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Mum2b0720 · 14/05/2020 00:18

Hi All,

Would love to hear some comforting stories as we are so worried for out little boy!

My tummy wasn't growing as it should be from 26 - 30 weeks so had another ultrasound. They found the babies stomach was not normal size (bit small) and that he might have a blockage in his bowels. On top of that, although he is in proportion, his leg bones were below 3rd quartile, so essentially a small baby. We are worried sick but wanted to know if anyone else has had similar complications and then once out, they have grown up to be normal size etc. I Google a lot which is not ideal! They are talking about taking him to XRay as soon as born to check as they also thought he may have some sort of Tracheal Esophageal Fistula and Esophageal Atresia. They are also going through another set of chromosomes testing (although we did this early on in the pregnancy and was given the all clear). Would welcome any knowledge of the above and if anyone else has gone through this or similar! Thank you

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JoMumsnet · 15/05/2020 14:02

Hi Mum2b0720, we're just bumping this thread for you in case anyone's around with some advice and support.

Sorry you're going through a worrying time. Sending good wishes. Flowers

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