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Probably just paranoid, but shooting pains down leg? 4+4

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AsSurprisedAsYouAre · 13/05/2020 17:42

Feel daft posting, but here goes.
I'm very very early, only 4+4, and today I have been having shooting pains down my left leg. It feels like the pain comes from right in where the groin meets the inside leg, and radiates from there. It doesn't feel like it's coming from my abdomen, as such. It's not unbearable but it's hard to ignore. It's been happening every few mins / pretty consistently for a few hours now and makes me flinch slightly .. I'm starting to wonder if this is to be expected.. or if it's a warning sign that something isn't right.

Anyone got any advice? Stories? Are you all smiling and rolling your eyes because I am just being a first-timer and worrying about everything? Or is this something I need to do something about?

Thank you Flowers

OP posts:
October2020 · 13/05/2020 17:43

Ooh! I got this a lot! Your post has just reminded me. All fine now at 17 weeks and they did stop but do check with your doctor if it starts to worry you.

AsSurprisedAsYouAre · 13/05/2020 18:33

@October2020 - you did? Ah, that's so reassuring! Thank you so much for replying. We don't have anyone to contact yet, we self referred to the local maternity services by online form last week and have had no reply so weren't sure how we would make contact if needed, but hearing you had similar has made a huge difference already. Happy it stopped for you, too! x

OP posts:
Wheezeymcleazy · 14/05/2020 05:39

I'm hypermobile and the new hormones play havoc with my joints and cause leg pain from really really early on. A bath always eases it for a bit. Mine started around 3+6 but I'm 4+2 and it's eased off for now. I don't know if it's the same pain but definitely worth mentioning to the MW when you get one and if pain gets worse contact the GP 😊

AsSurprisedAsYouAre · 14/05/2020 09:54

@Wheezeymcleazy thank you so much, I did find a heat pack eased it so maybe its similar. That's really helpful. I hope the pain stays away for you!

OP posts:
Wheezeymcleazy · 14/05/2020 10:21

No problem. I know I'm in for pain πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ just hoping it holds off longer than before πŸ˜‚

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